‘The Nutcracker’ and a Lesson on Trust

(Photo by Laurie Sparham – © 2017 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved courtesy of IMDb)

‘The Nutcracker’ and a Lesson on Trust

By Alyssa

Hey guys! It’s Alyssa. So, this month’s topic is “The Nutcracker.” I recently watched “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms” and I decided to write about trusting people and the people God puts in your life for a purpose.

In the movie, the main character is Clara. Clara ends up in a completely different dimension and goes on a quest for her missing key. As she goes looking for her key, she meets a living Nutcracker, Mother Ginger, and the Mouserinks. As she begins looking for her key, she notices a bridge right over the frozen lake. Next to the bridge, is a sleeping Nutcracker guarding it. When she approaches the Nutcracker, she wakes him with the warmth of her hand. She then tells him what she is looking for, and he accompanies her in the journey. During the journey, Clara sees a mouse that goes by the name of a ‘’Mouserink’’ in the realm with her key. They then chase the Mouserink until he joins a large group of Mouserinks that shape themselves as a giant beast. They then try to escape, but Mother Ginger (the regent of ‘’Land of Amusement’’) tries to tempt Clara into coming towards her by saying she has her key, or so it seems as a trick. The Nutcracker then tells her to resist Mother Ginger, and they leave to the main castle. Clara is then introduced to the other three regents, Sugar Plum of the “Land of Sweets,” Shiver of the “Land of Snowflakes,” and Hawthorne of the “Land of Flowers.” Later on in the story, Sugar Plum Fairy tells Clara that Mother Ginger is evil and that she needs the key in order to take down Mother Ginger. Clara then goes into the Land of Amusement and gets the key. Once she returns it to Sugar Plum, Sugar Plum turns against the entire kingdom. She puts the key into a machine and starts turning toy soldiers into real life soldiers to use against Mother Ginger and take over the kingdom. She then tells her soldiers to take Clara and the Nutcracker to the dungeon. Because they are the heroes of the story, they obviously escape and get the Mouserinks and Mother Ginger’s help to stop Sugar Plum Fairy. They eventually succeed and everything goes back to normal.

So… now to elaborate on the people that God puts in our lives, whom we least expect.

I see the Nutcracker as an unlikely friend because, well, he’s a nutcracker. One of my good friends and I, at first, would have never thought we would ever be friends. But God allowed a beautiful friendship to bloom and grow between the most unlikely two.

I see Mother Ginger as another example of an unlikely friend too. She was thought to be evil and was looked upon as the enemy, but she was really kind and had no evil intensions. There was a leader in my life that I really did not like. I thought she was mean and looked down on me. But after I got to know her, we got close, and she became a small group leader who listened to me when I was going through a hard time.

And lastly, I see Sugar Plum Fairy as the enemy, or the devil. In the story she wanted to rule, and by doing that she had to deceive Clara to ruin the kingdom. This is exactly what the devil does. He tries to tempt us or put evil thoughts in our brain, in order to destroy us and to rule over us.

But the victory that Clara won over Sugar Plum Fairy, reminds me that the people God puts in our life will help us win the victory. For example in my small group, when we had a problem, God put people in our lives to win a victory over that problem by listening and praying together.

I hope you guys enjoyed this article! I wish you guys a Merry Christmas!!!