Seeing Through God’s Lens

(Photo by Lilly courtesy of Marked Ministry Magazine)

Seeing Through God’s Lens

Q&A: Sarah and Lilly

Sarah: What does it mean that God is Creator?

Lilly: I think people say something is theirs, but it really is God’s (because He made it).

Sarah: I like that! Because sometimes we have questions about who created this world and who the Creator is. And God wants us to bring our questions to Him. Have you ever had a question about God as Creator or about creation?

Lilly: Yes. How was God there before everything else?

Sarah: Good one! He was self-created. I know that can be something that’s hard to think about. But sometimes there are things we can’t see that we can still believe because we can trust God and God’s Word (The Bible) to be true. In Genesis and in John chapter 1, it talks about God who was there from the beginning.

Lilly: Yeah.

Sarah: So what do you like about Gods creation?

Lilly: I like science because I can look at germs under my microscope.

Sarah: That’s awesome! Have you ever found something on a walk and put it under your microscope?

Lilly: A pine cone and I liked it because it looked sparkly.

Sarah: Wow! How do you feel looking at God’s creation?

Lilly: Happy! Because it is beautiful.

Sarah: How can our readers do more exploring at home?

Lilly: Rummage through your house and find things and make things out of them.

Sarah: Great ideas. As we finish up today, what’s a question you would like to ask our readers on this topic?

Lilly: Do you like to explore God’s creation?

Hi, it’s Sarah here! I loved talking about God’s creation with Lilly because it was so much fun! Now, I want to encourage you to find a trusted and safe person like your big sister, mom, aunt, or youth leader to talk about God’s creation too! Let’s do it together!


  1. Do you have any questions about God or about Him being Creator? Ask someone you trust and talk it over.
  2. Read Genesis 1. What did you learn about God being Creator?
  3. Go exploring! Find 5 things in your house that have to do with God’s creation. Look at them. What do you see?
  4. What do you see that is beautiful, fun, exciting, something you like about your discoveries?
  5. End your exploration with a thank you! What are you thankful for exploring today?
  6. This week, find something in your house you can make something with – just like Lilly!