How-To: 30 Ways to Connect During Quarantine

(Photo by Natalie Reed)

How-To: 30 Ways to Connect During Quarantine

By Sarah Komisky

Feeling a little disconnected? Social distance got you down? Try these how-to ideas to stay plugged in remotely during this difficult season. Connecting might just mean reinventing. And that can be fun!

  1. Retreat with God. Use this quiet time to connect in new ways.
  2. Find a small group online and dive deep.
  3. Listen to a live chat or host one on your platform.
  4. Call someone who you know would need some encouragement.
  5. Reconnect with a person you lost touch with (disclaimer: a safe person).
  6. Create a text thread with family to stay up to date.
  7. Connect with you via self-care. Do a facial, do a workout online, drink a yummy smoothie, etc.
  8. Pull up a Scripture meditation on YouTube (Steven Furtick of Elevation Church has a great one) or use the Churchome app of meditated prayers to refocus.
  9. Throw a Zoom party with friends.
  10. Try something new. Paint. Learn guitar. Cook. It’s totally up to you.
  11. Date intentionally. Call. text. Zoom.
  12. Set aside coffee time with a loved one at home or with a friend online.
  13. Check in with an international friend on Facetime.
  14. Create a time for prayer, join a Facebook or Insta prayer group online, or start a wall for those who need it.
  15. Love to read? Join a book club online.
  16. Make time to play with your kids.
  17. Cook dinner for your spouse and dine in with a movie for two.
  18. Take a new class of your choice.
  19. Write a letter or send a card.
  20. Tune into a webinar, live conference, or workshop.
  21. Sit at the dinner table with family and connect.
  22. Bring some cheer to a co-worker or colleague with an e-mail that includes a kind word.
  23. Connect with God and yourself through journaling.
  24. Reach out to a therapist, doctor, or medical professional if needed.
  25. Get prayer by connecting with your local church’s payer number or e-mail.
  26. Watch church online.
  27. Enjoy a YouTube live concert.
  28. Sign up for a free e-mail devotional.
  29. Do an online Bible Study or Bible reading plan.
  30. Read an article just for fun and voice your thoughts on a comment.

Refueled? We hope so and pray you cultivated meaningful connection or were inspired to find new ways to grow in community with each other. Remember, you’re not alone. We’re all in this together!