Staying Connected During Quarantine

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

Staying Connected During Quarantine

By Alyssa and Kailyn

What’s up Marked Ministry teens! During this worldwide pandemic, it is most important to stay connected while staying at home and six feet away. During these times, there is a lot more unity in the church and the community, because people are connecting and doing what they can to help people who are most at risk for getting Coronavirus. Since we are stuck at home, we are also getting in touch with people we haven’t seen in a long time. So there is always something good that comes out of this.

One way you can stay connected with your friends and family is through Zoom. Zoom is probably the number one app used by most of the world during this pandemic. People have especially used it for meetings. But, I think it is a great source to SEE your family and friends even though we can’t physically. It’s also great because it can hold up to 100 people per call! Using Zoom makes connecting and communicating with friends and family easier, more efficient, and best of all, fun!

Another great app that I use all the time is Facetime. It is easy to use and you can have up to 32 people in at a time. This is how I usually contact my friends with apple phones. If they don’t have an apple product, I’d probably just text them. During quarantine, I look forward to calling my friends via Facetime. Because I can’t see them every day like I used to, I really miss them. Even though I Facetime them, I still miss the one-on-one interaction.

Another way you can stay connected, is through letters! Now, you may be wondering, what in the world is a letter?! Well, it’s like a text on paper that is sent through a real life email! We think that writing and physically sending letters to friends and family, gives us something to do, and also gives the other person something to look forward to! It’s crazy to think people used to write letters which took at least a week to send. Whereas now, we can text something and it gets sent in less than a minute!!

I love to go outside and hang out with my neighbors who live across the street from us. Of course, we stay six feet apart at all times. We play volleyball, tennis, catch, or soccer from our side of the street to theirs. We have been having a lot of water fights lately, because it has been over 90 degrees outside here in California. We lob water balloons across the street at each other and spray them with our hose. We go outside practically everyday to get our daily dose of sun and fun.

We talk to each other via Whatsapp because we are in two different states. Sometimes we just call to check in or just to chat. We send each other funny Gifs, ramen recipes, random messages, and updates! WhatsApp is a great app, especially for people without phones because you don’t need cell service! It’s also great to talk to people in another country! My family is from India and so some live there. We usually talk on WhatsApp because it’s free. WhatsApp is basically Skype, Messenger, and the Phone app all in one!

We hope that this helped you guys with some easy and cool ways to connect during the pandemic! Remember to stay safe, sane, and sanitary. Haha. Byeeee

♡  Kailyn and Alyssa ♡