Men Steppin’ in Style

(Feature photo by Selma Komisky and fashion photos courtesy of Pinterest)

Men Steppin’ in Style
Summer Fashion Guide 2020

By Sarah Komisky

It’s been an interesting time in fashion. I mean let’s keep in real, when was the last time you wore something that wasn’t active wear?

Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean we have to forsake putting in a little effort, right? But don’t worry, I think it’s time to simplify things. So, let’s keep it casual and take a step in a new direction by styling thoughtful loungewear great for venturing out into a new summer season. Whether that means being indoors or outdoors via social distance, why not still look your best with effortless casual pieces to incorporate into your everyday!

Here’s my top loungewear essentials to mix and match this summer 2020.

  1. Joggers

The second best thing to PJ’s AND you can totally go out in public wearing them. Pair them with a hoodie, classic-T and sneakers and you are ready to go.


  1. Men’s Athleisure Shorts

Comfort is key and these shorts are perfect when you want to keep it low-key casual and still have style in tact perfect with a pocket t-shirt or sweatshirt.


  1. Basic T-Shirt

Light cotton shirts are the best for hot summer days when you are on the go or trying to escape the heat, plus, they go great with almost anything. Win/win.


4. Tie Dye

Females aren’t the only ones to get on the tie dye trend train. try out these super fun looks in hoodies, shirts, and even matching short and sweatshirt combo’s. Why not experiment with something new fashionwise this summer?


5. Flannel

Flannel is a great way to add a little swag and also a layered look. It’s comfy and also a classic staple in your closet.


6. Henley Shirts

Nothing says at-home like a henley. If you want to stay comfy all day and still look classic, this is the look for you.


7. Baseball Caps


Baseball caps are the staples of summer and such an easy style accessory. Backwards, neutral, or anything of the above, you just can’t go wrong with a summer cap that will give you effortless added finesse.



There you have it! Seven essentials to add to your wardrobe. May you stay comfy, casual, and of course in step with style this summer season.