11-Rapid-Fire Questions with Coby James

(Photo courtesy of Coby James)

11-Rapid-Fire Questions with Coby James

By Sarah Komisky

Sarah: Throwback artist that you have been listening to lately?

Coby: I’ve been listening to a lot of James Brown. He’s amazing.

Sarah: Funniest thing you’ve done in quarantine?

Coby: I’ve watched “The Office” quite a bit. I think I’ve finished it for the second time. Yeah, that’s about it [laughs], not a whole lot. Writing music too. I wrote music with my producer for a whole month so that is probably another thing.

Sarah: Something you would say to the graduating class of 2020?

Coby: Actually, that would be my graduating class technically…I would be, ‘hey guys, sorry you got gypped out of your senior year!’ This is such a unique situation. I’m proud that they could get through it.

Sarah: Artist fans would be surprised you like?

Coby: Let’s see, umm, Jacob Collier, he’s super musical. Daniel Caesar is amazing. I love LANY, they’re a little out there, they’re alternative. The band Camino. I love indie music. I have a whole playlist that is really weird and tribal and I listen to it at night sometimes because it puts me in the mood when you’re driving.

Sarah: Favorite thing to do in the summer when you’re not doing music?

Coby: Oh, being at the lake – a hundred percent. I love just being at the lake and hanging out.

Sarah: Most recent movie you’ve seen?

Coby: I think it was a horror movie. It was called “The invisible man.” It was just not scary [laughs].

Sarah: Favorite coffee order?

Coby: That’s hilarious, I was just drinking it like right when you asked the question [laughs]. Probably Coconut Milk Latte from Starbucks or Nitro Cold Brew from Starbucks. Probably just something black.

Sarah: Acoustic or electric guitar?

Coby: Oh goodness, you can’t do that to me [laughs]. Probably acoustic because I play my electric like an acoustic.

Sarah: Top three favorite foods?

Coby: Does pizza count? Okay, pizza, pad thai, and sushi. Oh, Chipotle – that’s a very important food group.

Sarah: Person you wish you could have a songwriting session with?

Coby: John Mayer or Julia Michaels, but probably John Mayer.

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