Editor’s Note: August, 2020

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

Editor’s Note: August, 2020

By Sarah Komisky

A world that is absolutely upside down is not exactly a world we would think would be a great resting place. Yet, here we are with an opportunity. And, if we can be honest for a minute with ourselves, we’re still perplexed how it can be possible. But, as the pull of our circumstances hits our minds, assaults our hearts, and attacks our bodies, we live in the tension. We seem out of sorts. We are parched from the season of desert dryness and experience the weight of our souls.

Still, here we are.

Everything around us says fight, flight, check out, or give up.

Yet, there is another voice offers us something better. An invitation. To let go. Completely. Right in the places where we’re spinning our wheels, loosing hope, and incredibly weary.

While the proposal seems illogical when all we see is a mountain of worries, concerns, fears, doubts, uncertainty, and obstacles, it’s this kind of offer that intrigues us. Why? Inwardly, we are desperate for rest. And honestly, it’s an offer we can’t refuse.

In the Bible, the Old Testament (1 Kings 19), speaks of a guy named Elijah who had burnout, confusion, and discouragement when he was threatened by an evil ruler named Jezebel. After an incredible victory came a proposed peril. Elijah’s world was upside down, much like ours. And, it was enough to make this prophet run for his life and end up in the boonies of a wilderness all alone. That was until God perused him giving him food, water, and rest that was much needed. Lovingly, He showed Elijah his power and then came to him with a gentle whisper, “What are you doing here Elijah?”

As Elijah vented, God listened. He showed Himself to Him and revived Elijah bringing him a new friend Elisha who would also help in ministry as well as restoring fresh vision and purpose on his journey forward.

Can you relate?

Fast forward in the Bible to the New Testament (Matthew 8:23-27). Jesus’ friends are freaking out when waves roar in a storm filling their boat with salty water and shaking every last drop of confidence they have that they will make it. And in this scenario, the reader finds Jesus asleep. Yes, you read that correctly, “asleep.” But soon, He is awakened by the trembling voices of his friends whom I picture frantically nudging his shoulder to save them. Note it is not the roar of the storm that awakens Jesus, but the voice of His friends. It is enough to make Jesus arise and speak to the sea’s stillness.

While the story seems illogical to our finite brains, it makes sense though the eyes of faith. While circumstances may be chaotic, scary, and loud, Jesus wants us to trust God (just as He trusted God the Father) to place our complete faith in Him and find rest in the storms of life. Knowing that He will rise to help and bring calm to our waves that rise against us stills our shaky souls. We can revive again as we rest in Christ. Peace is at our disposal; we just need to cultivate it.

In turn, we hope this issue can be an encouragement to do just that in our current wilderness and tempest. As we have taken steps of faith in the prior issues, we hope we can take a leap now in trusting God completely. It’s going to be an imperfect process, however, one we believe that will lead to greater sanity in our lives. Not only sanity, but clarity, vision, purpose, strength, joy, peace, and an ability to enjoy life even when our world is upside down.

Our prayer is that this issue inspires you to rest and revive your spirit in every way possible. Our MM Team has put together creative content to help you on this journey as well a new how-to and other practical tips to give you a jump start in your recharging, self-care, and practice of good mental health. Use it as a daily devotional. Find a quiet place to read and let God revive you. Get some inspiration in allowing God to revamp your communication with others from pastor, author, and influencer Chad Veach of Zoe Church – Los Angeles. Relax with great summer reading with book excerpts from Sara Groves, Megan Fate Marshman, and Hal Donaldson. Enjoy a new interview with pastor and former NFL football player, Darren Carrington on reviving your marriage while gleaning new insight on racial reconciliation with a part two of our behind the book series with Pastor Miles McPherson of The Rock Church San Diego.

So, get comfy. Get alone. And, get ready to revive.