Jesus and Iced Tea

(Photos by Cloei and Edited by Selma Komisky)

Jesus and Iced Tea

By Cloei

Lately, I’ve just felt overwhelmed with all the thoughts in my head jumbling up, and it’s made me not think very clearly. I know not everyone struggles this way, but you might even be thinking about everything going on in this crazy world! Sometimes when we get caught inside our head, it’s hard to clear our headspace, but being still with God is the best way to give our thoughts to Him and remember we’re not the ones who are supposed to carry these burdens! I think all of us can relate to this in some way. When reviving our minds, why not drink something refreshing while doing it!?

Because of this time when we are called to stay at home, I’ve gotten into a lot of baking! I thought it would be cool to give you guys one of my own recipes that I make ALL the time! My inspiration is from Starbucks and I just love any kind of cold drink. This recipe is called Passion Tango tea and it’s a super refreshing drink––try having it when you spend time with the Lord morning or afternoon! It gives a nice energy boost for a busy day and can satisfy your sweet tooth. I think this is a super delicious recipe and will refresh you, in the same way that Jesus can cleanse our minds! Jesus and iced tea is the perfect blend!


This Passion Tango reviving drink is very fruity and gives you super tropical vibes.


  • 1 cup water
  • 1 pouch TAZO passion tea
  • 1 tbsp + ½ tbsp sugar or 2 packets stevia
  • Ice
  • Lemon slice (optional)


  1. Pour water into a glass
  2. Place tea bag into your glass and steep until you have a vibrant red color
  3. Add sugar or stevia and mix until no crystals
  4. Fill the rest of your cup with ice
  5. Mix and add lemon slice if wanted
  6. ENJOY!

Cloei’s Tips:

  1. Try topping your drink with fun decorations, like fresh blueberries or homemade fruit-flavored ice cubes
  2. Leave a little extra room by using a bigger cup and then add coconut milk for a creamy sip or fresh lemonade to add a little zing and tang
  3. Cut up about ¼ cup of strawberries and mix them in