Writer: Tori Martin

(Photo courtesy of Tori Martin)

Hey I’m Tori,

Renowned pizza princess, fashion enthusiast (I’d like to think so anyway!) and when I get nervous… I laugh; you know, the type of nervous laugh you do in the very awkward, inappropriate moments that you should mostly definitely NOT laugh!

I’m also a super busy single mama bear of two beautiful boys and a french bulldog who, quite often, kindly lends an unwanted helping hand with the whole nervous laughter moments by letting out an ever so slightly inappropriate fart in an ever so slightly inappropriate moment!

Exercise is a must, music is a necessity and I’ve always got my head stuck in an awesome book. And, I cannot start or finish every single day without spending quality time with the oh so mighty awesome man in my life, Jesus.

But it’s not always been pizza and giggles, before Christ I believed I was unwanted, worthless, and unloveable. I suffered from anxiety and at times I felt completely and utterly hopeless. I have also experienced extreme insecurity, rejection, mild depression, loneliness, divorce and tough financial difficulties but in steps Jesus and the transformation He has brought and continues to do so is nothing but life changing, He is the ultimate game changer!

I now write and blog to encourage, inspire and motivate others to become overcomers in Christ, to give real honest and practical methods to support living a life of purity plus, I guarantee to bring plenty of smiles and laughter which is normally at my expense!

Find out more about Tori by visiting torifaith.com