10 Ways To Incorporate Self Care Into Your Day

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

10 Ways To Incorporate Self Care Into Your Day

By Sarah Komisky

Self-care is something we intuitively know, but struggle to incorporate in our everyday lives. With the many voices we have vying for our time and energy, its essential we learn how to say no, have margin for what’s good for ourselves, and make the time to do it. While it may seem contrary to our faith to prioritize self, we can look to Jesus as our example. The One who made time for intimate  dinners with friends, who went away to pray and spend time with His Father, set sailed with his close friends for some downtime, and was a guest at a wedding. Jesus knew how to have self-care and we should too. As one person told me, first we must put our own oxygen mask on in order to help others. So, this list goes out to all of us in 2020 who need our soul to be revived. Here is a quick list of ways we can practice wellness and healthy living even when our schedules and lives look different.

1. Play.

Yes, you adults out there. Hang with your kids, be silly, make messes, run around. Whether you are a parent or a auntie like me, enjoy some time with the kids God has placed in your life and do it on purpose.

2. Work Out

I hear moaning (even as I write this). You’ve heard it before, but it’s worth mentioning one more time. Work out! And guess what? Enjoy it! Find something you (key word), want to do. If it’s a sport, Zumba workout, swimming laps, or Pilates, it’s OK. Just get moving and why not do it with someone?

3. Eat Well

While this one seems like a no brainier, it’s easy to forget during a pandemic season. It can be easy to eat for comfort because we are stressed and anxious, but our bodies feel the damage. We aren’t made to run on empty fuel like sugar and carbs. Research what foods are good for your body. Don’t think of it as a die,t but a lifestyle. Start small and form one new habit you can be proud of. Check out Pinterest recipes, new food spots for take out, or try a new virtual cooking class. Again, food can be fun and equally good for you.

4. Journal

Write this down: “Who Am I?” Caring for others above self has the ability to get us to lose ourselves. While this indeed is a season of giving out to others, we have to make sure we are also making ourselves a priority, first. Otherwise, we are no good to anyone. If your balance has been off in this area, have a good assessment time with you and God. Write down who you are, your likes, dislikes, and dreams. You’ll discover more about yourself and able to make good boundaries accordingly and, have the confidence to be the person God made you to be. Most importantly, get out your Bible and write down a few things that stick out to you about who God says you are. Ephesians 1 and Psalm 139 are great starting points.

5. Do What You Love

Now that you know who you are, you can do what you love. Doing anything else will make you miserable and drain all your energy. Instead, pour yourself into what you do like and find joy in it. God wants you to delight in Him first and He promises to give you the desires of your heart. Enjoy your life! Do things because you want to, not because you have to. When you need to reschedule, do it. You have the freedom to and it does not make you a failure. Be king to yourself.

6. Decompress

How do you decompress? Find a way to make time for it. If it’s with people or not, find what make you feel revived and do it. If not, you will burnout.

7. Get Alone

Not everyone is super intuitively inclined but I think it’s important for everyone to get alone with God to hear Him speak to You. Talk to Him and let Him rework declutter in your life.

8. Say No

This sounds easy, but it’s hard for everyone because everyone has something they struggle with internally or externally. Practicing saying no to others who are toxic will keep us healthy along with saying no to negative thoughts, anxious thoughts, tempting thoughts, etc. Saying no to ourselves is key for areas that bring us down. Saying no ultimately to anything that will take us away from God and all He has for us, is not just good, it’s healthy.