Unique Revelations

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

Unique Revelations

By Michelle Ochen

Life is unpredictable, seldom does the exact same thing happens to us twice; if it did, we would call it deja-vu and begin to wonder if we were secretly in “The Twilight Zone.” Aware of life’s unique unraveling, our God chose to reveal Himself to mankind, not by method or repetition, but in the very place they found themselves. In the midst of confusion, loss, hurt, or sorrows, our Savior came and revealed the uniqueness of His nature into the uniqueness of our needs.

To Hagar, He was the God who sees. To Joshua, He was the God who conquers both fear and battle. To Gomer, He was the God who forgives. To the widow with debt, He was the God who provides. To the woman with a flow of blood, He was her healer. To the woman of Samaria, He was the God who quenches the thirst of our hearts. None of them went searching for Him in a building or by good deeds. He met them on the road they were on and revealed Himself to each of them in a different way as the Rescuer they needed. Let’s take a closer look at a few of these encounters.

In the hot wilderness, a young, pregnant woman was found running away from a harsh home life. She was mistreated, scared, and unsure of what to do. God revealed Himself to her by showing that He had seen all that had taken place in her dwelling place. He was going to bless the child in her womb. Also, He called her to return and submit to those above her in the home. The God of the Israelites showed this young Egyptian woman that He was the God who sees all and cares for every heart. He met Hagar in her place of feeling forgotten and showed her that His eye was upon her. Have you ever wondered if God sees what is taking place around you? Perhaps it seems that many do what they please and there is no justice. Perhaps their actions have hurt your heart? In the unique place that you feel unseen, God sees you.

In the dusty roads of the city and in the crowds of people gathering, it seemed impossible to get Jesus’ attention. She saw countless doctors to stop the bleeding, but nothing worked. She felt alone with no hope of a cure. She was sick and hurting, but Jesus had already been asked to heal someone else. Unclean, weak, and scared, she reached out her hand in the crowd. She touched His garment. Would it be any use? Nothing else had worked, but this touch awakened heaven to her aide. Jesus felt and responded by showing His uniqueness as the God who heals. She stood up changed and walked away with the Healer’s touch written upon her life. Do you have an area of your life that needs healing? Maybe no one else can see it. However, you know something in your heart is bleeding out and He will meet you in that place.

With an overwhelming debt and sorrow in her heart, a woman lost her husband. She faced the fear of paying off what she did not have and providing for her children. God’s messenger Elisha asked her to bring what she had which was only a jar of oil. Through the uniqueness of one jar, the Lord made many. As she poured, the oil continued until she had filled every jar she could find. Her debt was paid and she had what she needed to care for her children. Through the oil, God revealed Himself as the God who provides.  Is life overwhelming in this time? Do you wonder how you will find the funds for education or the bills? Do you wonder how you will ever recover from the loss of someone you loved? He is watching over you and has jars available to meet your needs.

In the wilderness, in the streets, and in loss, our God revealed Himself uniquely to His people. Where do you find yourself today? What unique place has 2020 found you? Where does God need to meet you? Ask Him. As He did for countless others before you, He is ready to reveal Himself to you. The God of Scripture is still the same God of 2020.

Scripture Story References:

  • Genesis 16:1-16
  • Mark 5:25-34
  • 2 Kings 4:1-7