YOUnique Binder Ideas

(Photos by Cloei and edited by Selma Komisky)

YOUnique Back To School Binder Ideas

By Cloei

Ugh, schools back of course. Whether you’re at home doing school or going to school on campus, it’s still school! 2020 isn’t the exact year we expected with school plays, after school sports, swim team, and much more. But one thing we can do is take the extra time to transform the basic things into something unique and creative! Water bottles, binders, folders and literally anything else you can think of can always use some revamping into something designed to be something that represents your quirkiness, vibe, or interests. It’s easy to buy things off the self as it is, but why not make it uniquely YOU. God calls us to be who he created us to be and not strive so hard to fit the molds of the world. We all can struggle with this in different ways like how we dress, what we say, what people say we can’t do, and so many other things that aren’t what we should slip into.

Since we are called to be ourselves, I thought I would give you guys some creative, customizable, and super cute binder cover designs! Hope y’all enjoy!




3 super cute binder covers that can be easily tweaked to make your own 🙂




Design 1: Geometric Cover

  1. Pick a colored or non-colored piece of paper and place on flat surface.
  2. Grab any kind of thick tape that won’t peel the paper and place zigzags all over the paper overlapping until you have some super unique shapes.
  3. Color in as many uncovered areas as you want with either one or two colors, or lots of colors.
  4. Carefully peel each piece of tape off starting with the last one you put down and peel until you have no more left.
  5. Then you’re done!



Design 2: What You Love Cover

  1. Grab some paper and sketch and color some of your favorite things – anything from sports you play to what your favorite snack is.
  2. Cut each doodle, leaving a little paper border around them.
  3. Place a piece of paper down and start taping or gluing down your designs until you have the desired amount.
  4. Finish it off with some decorations or sayings/verses you love if you want to take it the next level!

Then you’re finished!


Design 3: Photo Collage Cover

  1. Brainstorm or research some ideas of themes that you want to use for this art project.
  2. Once you decide, (I decided to do a friends theme, displaying all my friends) either grab photos you have or pick up some photos that you want to use for your theme.
  3. Place all your photos on a piece of paper and then cut, trim, and arrange your photos until you get your desired look.
  4. Carefully glue your photos to the paper.
  5. Then you have a SUPER CUTE binder that will always remind you of those times!


Cloei Tips:

  1. On the Geometric Cover: when you grab markers to do your filling in, try grabbing glitter pens or gold/ silver sharpies to add some flare.
  2. On the What You Love Cover: try going on Pinterest or Google for some fun doodle ideas if you’re struggling to come up with them and find some super cute drawings you can use.
  3. On the Photo Collage Cover: if you end up with or purposefully leave a little space in the corner or middle of your collage, feel free to add a cute saying or a bible verse that you love to kinda step it up!