The Battle Cry is Sounding. Who Will Respond?

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

The Battle Cry is Sounding. Who will respond?

By Mike Komisky

Right now, I believe we are in the greatest battle of our lives. This war has nothing to do with our physical health even though many people have suffered affliction with COVID-19 virus. It’s not in our finances, even though millions are without work struggling to survive. It’s not even with each other, even though division is everywhere. Racial prejudice has caused another outbreak of violence and chaos. Marriages are crumbling with the weight of anxiety and fear of the unknown. Economic recession has dried up the hope of many who have businesses closing down.

However, the real battle is spiritual. The mental health of most men is being shaken to the core. Some are suffering depression, others are getting addicted to drugs, alcohol, and pornography. This includes the body of Christ. Where has our hope gone? Both of these are really being tested right now. How do we respond to God’s call?

First of all, let me share biblically the life of David in respect to dealing with spiritual warfare.

In first Samuel 22: 1, when David is on the run from a guy named Saul, he hid in The Cave of Adullam. This cave was where David exemplified God’s mercy and grace by sparing Saul’s life. In verse 2, the Bible says that everyone who was in distress, debt, and bitter in soul gathered together to fight with David. Right now, men, your lives may be just like these men. Other men might be feeling useless as the job market is so thin. And others might have bitterness of soul as they see the world’s agenda being pushed on their families. Here’s the good news! They didn’t let their circumstances keep them from the battle. They left their excuses behind. They found hope and an example in David.

Men, stand up for the truth! Follow others who are refusing to lay down and quit. And most of all, watch and see what our Commander in Chief (Jesus), can do as you care about His reputation, not your own. Allow the Holy Spirit to fill you with His strength, passion, and determination as you make a difference in the Kingdom of God.

In First Chronicles 12, the same men who followed David become his mighty warriors. They came with their shields and their sword’s ready to fight. Their hearts were joined with their leader for the cause of Christ.

Today, that same army is being built to respond to the Devil’s lies. God wants you to use the unique gifts He gave you for His glory. Our Savior is alive and deserves our allegiance and loyalty. Even the early church had a passion for faith in the book of Acts by The Holy Spirit and the realization of a renewed hope in their King Jesus.

In conclusion, men, it’s time to wake up out of our slumber. Let’s be a unique part of the main event, not a spectator. Let your spiritual resume be:

  1. A man of prayer (Romans 12: 12)
  2. A man who always enquires of the Lord for any decisions (Psalm 119: 10)
  3. A man of faith who trusts in Him who he cannot see (Hebrews 11: 1)
  4. A man patient in tribulation (1 Corinthians 13:4)
  5. A man of commitment to God’s agenda not their own (John 12: 26)
  6. A man of compassion who loves others first, and makes himself last (Luke 9: 23)