10 Rapid-Fire Disney Questions with Sarah Ashley Hunt

(Photo courtesy of Christy Hunt)

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10 Rapid-Fire Disney Questions with Sarah Ashley Hunt

By Sarah Komisky

Sarah MM: Favorite Disney film as a child?

Sarah A.H.: “Beauty and the Beast” or “Tangled”

Sarah MM: Disney character you think has the best style?

Sarah A.H.: Belle or Rapunzel [laughs]

Sarah MM: I feel like this is going to have a theme here [laughs]

Sarah A.H.: Yeah

Sarah MM: Disney song you wish you could dance to?

Sarah A.H.: Oh my! I don’t know. Probably, “Tale As Old As Time,” or, what’s the “Tarzan” song? [sings lyrics]

 Sarah MM: “You’ll Be In My Heart?”

Sarah A.H.: Yes! [laughs]

Sarah MM: OK, last one, if you could be any Disney character, who would you be and why?

Sarah A.H.: Belle and Rapunzel [laughs]. Like, those two are my all time favorites. My Nana used to call me “Beauty” or “Princess,” and the waltzing in “Beauty and The Beast” has been my favorite.

Sarah MM: Favorite Disney Ride?

Sarah A.H.: The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. It’s the cutest.

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