Rapid-fire: Jeremy Camp

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Rapid-fire: Jeremy Camp
10 Disney-inspired Questions 

By Sarah Komisky

Sarah: Our new issue is about creativity as we launch a Disney-inspired themed issue.

Jeremy: Nice!

Sarah: We are pulling spiritual lessons from different films, so I thought it would be fun to ask you some rapid-fire fun Disney questions if you’re down for that [Laughs].

Jeremy: Bring it! Let’s do it.

Sarah: The first one is…what is your favorite Disney film that you sit down and watch with your family?

Jeremy:  Oh, goodness gracious. I think it has to be “Up.”

Sarah: That’s a good one. OK. If you were a Disney character in a film, who would you be and why?

Jeremy:  My wife used to call me The Beast [Laughs].

Sarah: OK! [Laughs].

Jeremy: She said she had to tame The Beast and what came out was, something beautiful. It was kind of a joke. She is Belle. She loves books and I am The Beast that she tamed.

Sarah: I love that. That was one of my questions. I said, “If Adrienne was a Disney princess, who would she be?” and you answered it, so that’s perfect!

Jeremy: It is! [Laughs]. That’s exactly right.

Sarah: OK. So if you had an opportunity to cover a Disney duet song with Adrienne, which one would you sing?

Jeremy: Disney duet song. Oh my goodness. I never even thought of that. Oh, I don’t even know. I’m trying to think of a good song. Probably, it would have to be something from “Little Mermaid.” It’d have to be, I think…The World?

Sarah: “Part of Your World?”

Jeremy: Yeah! “Part of Your World!” [Laughs].

Sarah: I love that.

Jeremy: I could see us singing that.

Sarah: That’s amazing. There you go. You’re gonna have to cover this song now Jeremy! [Laughs].

Jeremy: Love it.

Sarah: So, if you could pick your favorite Disney film as a kid, what would it be?

Jeremy: As a kid? Oh man. let me think about it. I think, actually for some reason, I think “Dumbo” – no, “Pinocchio.”

Sarah: “Pinocchio” is legit. So, yeah, I think that counts.

Jeremy: Yeah, I think “Pinocchio.”

Sarah: That’s amazing.

Jeremy: I remember there was just something about a moral compass of course, growing up, when I saw what happened when he lied…

Sarah: And that was scary!

Jeremy: Yeah, I was like, “I don’t want that, but I liked it!” You know? [Laughs]. I saw the benefits at the end and that fatherly figure, and so, I think I enjoyed that.

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