Lost in the Woods

(Photo courtesy of Selma Komisky)

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Lost in the Woods
Lessons Learned from Kristoff in ‘Frozen 2’

By Iain Dick

Let’s be real from the start here; I’m a 32-year-old man who still loves Disney. Sure, I have 3 kids who give me an excuse, but I love them. Recently, I’ve been genuinely impressed with how Disney has shaken up some “norms.”

  • In “Frozen,” “true love’s kiss” is in the form of self-sacrifice by one sister for the other.
  • In “Tangled,” Mother Gothel is the villain with zero magic, except for her powers of passive-aggression and manipulation.
  • “Wreck-It Ralph” wonders what makes us the “good guy” or the “bad guy.”

Keeping with our favorite Arendellians, I’d like to draw our attention to a brave, outdoorsy character: Kristoff.

When you see Kristoff in Frozen, he’s a direct, self-made hard worker, content in his own company, and resourceful – all things that we men would consider as admirable. Then at the end, he’s ready to be closer with other people (despite reindeers being better!).

“Frozen 2” was a game-changer. It’s one of our favorites in our house, with all the songs being sung word perfect – including an epic power ballad by our hero Kristoff (and Sven). Only, he’s not the hero. Not really. Credit where credit’s due, he steps up and is there as a solid and reliable support in so many situations, but is he that great an example of how a man should approach relationships?

For those of you who haven’t seen the movie, Kristoff spends the majority of his time plucking up the courage and thinking up ideas on how to propose to his true love Anna. But he and Anna never seem to understand each other fully and the moment gets delayed again and again. When there’s a misunderstanding and they end up going in different directions for a portion of the time, it spurs Kristoff to question everything – insert power ballad “Lost in the Woods.”

“You’re my only landmark, so I’m lost in the woods…”

The song shows us that the only real meaning and direction in his life is found in Anna. She’s his true north, his bearing in life; without her, he’s just lost.

Now we’re all guilty at some point in life of thinking that we’d be lost without someone because that feels true. We say romantic things like “I can’t live without you” and “You’re like air to me,” but do we ever stop to think beyond that sentiment? What does God think when He hears us say that kind of stuff?

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”

Psalms 119:105 (ESV)

God is jealous for our affections too. He designed and created the marriage union, but it was never to be exclusive of Him. He’s told us that His word is the light that shows us where to go. Surely, we can draw comfort that no matter who is in our life, we can know that He will never let us be lost when we follow Him.

“I have come as Light into the world, so that everyone who believes and trusts in Me [as Savior—all those who anchor their hope in Me and rely on the truth of My message] will not continue to live in darkness.”  – John 12:46 (AMP)

If you’re single, it’s time to consider your priorities in life. Where will God fit in when someone special shows up? Are you prepared to lay your life down for your spouse as Christ did for the church? Will you seek first His kingdom, even in marriage?

Or will you be one of those who “…have rejected [their moral compass] and have made a shipwreck of their faith” (1 Timothy 1:19, AMP)?

It’s time to reevaluate. Whether you’re engaged, married, or hope to be one day, remember you were never supposed to seek after a spouse to be your purpose or destiny. Apart from Jesus, that’s too big a burden for anyone to take – but seek Him first, in all seasons, at all times, and you’ll never find yourself lost in the woods. Remember that even when that special someone does walk into your life, and God is already your priority “…A cord of three strands is not quickly broken (Ecclesiastes 4:12, NIV).