Let’s Fall in Love

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

Let’s Fall in Love

By Mike Komisky

I’ve heard it said before, “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person!”

To me, these words meant so much because they talk about romance, dedication, and daily effort. Additionally, I would like to share about what it takes to be successful in your relationship as a married couple. The best way to learn is from examples in the Bible of famous husbands and wives who left us their legacy of faith and commitment to each other. And, we can also learn from those who are currently married. Therefore, I would also like to share with you what I personally experienced in my own marriage. So, let’s get started.

  1. Adam and Eve

This first couple of the Bible, from the beginning, had their free will and negative choices devastate their relationship. Eve chose to trust in someone other than God. They both didn’t take responsibility for their own sin and blamed each other instead of admitting they were wrong. In my marriage, I’ve learned you must never allow finger pointing. We are all saved by grace. We need to man up. Other people are not responsible for your decisions. You are!

  1. Abraham and Sarah

Even though they both struggled with doubt, they learned that not trusting God’s promises can make you impulsive and go on your own strength. This can be a disaster in a marriage. I’ve learned not to be rash and ask my wife her opinions on things. Most importantly, we communicate with each other. Sometimes we might not see eye to eye, but we are learning to practice conflict resolution and come to a compromise. Believe me, it works!

  1. Jacob And Rachel

This couple is an example of a true love story! From the moment Jacob first saw Rachel, he knew she was the one for him (Genesis 29:18). It is also a story of inward and outward beauty. Jacob was deceived into marrying Rachel’s older sister Leah. She was described as having “weak eyes,” but Rachel was known for her beautiful outward appearance. This illustrates that attraction to your spouse is important, but not the most important factor. 1 Peter 3:3-4 says, “Don’t be concerned about the outward beauty of fancy hairstyles, expensive jewelry, or beautiful clothes. You should clothe yourselves instead with the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God.” In turn, I have come to appreciate and love my wife’s inner beauty as I get to know her more with each passing year.

  1. Ruth and Boaz

Boaz was a godly man of integrity and good reputation. Ruth loved the Lord and had selfless compassion. In this relationship, Boaz and Ruth had a legal and financial hurdle that blocked the path to marriage, but they persevered. I’ve learned every relationship has obstacles to overcome. My wife and I have experienced many difficulties. Together with God’s help, He’s got us through, which reveals how committed to one another we are. Commitment is important. It shows you stand by your spouse no matter what.

  1. Elkanah and Hannah

This couple was barren and had no children initially. Later, as God heard Hannah’s prayer, they conceived Samuel. I’ve learned in my marriage how important it is to pray with one another. Even in times when we don’t feel God near us or feel He may be silent to our prayers, we know together He is faithful to hear our cries (Psalm 37:1).

  1. Hosea and Gomer

This is a story of forgiveness and compassion (Hosea 1-3). Hosea was a prophet; his wife was unfaithful in their marriage. Despite this unfortunate plight, God tells Hosea to take his wife back and to love her. God brought restoration to his nation and marriage. I’ve learned that forgiveness brings healing within a marriage. God doesn’t keep score of who is right and who is wrong. Saying sorry can make or break a marriage.

7.Prisilla and Aquilla

This godly couple did ministry together alongside Paul and spread the good news of Jesus Christ. I also learned that God has blessed me and my wife with different talents and gifts. It’s important to encourage one another and serve in ministry together. It’s also OK to serve in separate ministries as well. Overall, God wants us to compliment each other and be used together for His kingdom.

  1. Joseph and Mary

These two people modeled godly servanthood by submitting to God first and then to each other. I have learned to put your selfish desires aside and put your spouse’s needs above your own. I’m going to be honest; this isn’t always easy and takes practice. However, this exhibits God’s unconditional love to your spouse and it will be reciprocated back.

Non-churched friends, you may ask, how can I make my marriage work? To be honest, without God, you will not be able to truly love each other until you know the love of God for yourself. If you want that today, you can receive God into your life by asking to start a relationship with Jesus Christ (Romans 10:9-10).

To sum things up, the secret to a good marriage is Jesus. He has to be your spiritual foundation and only then can He bless your union. Without Jesus, your marriage will crumble. I’m not saying marriages that are built upon Christ are free from problems. But you have God in your life to guide you, show the love of Jesus, hold you back from bad choices, and offer forgiveness and grace.

Therefore, take note of these biblical couples. Ask Jesus to point out those special things you’ve been missing. Trust Him to lead and mold your marriage, so you can fall in love with your spouse over and over again.