Journeying Into God’s Love

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

Journeying Into God’s Love

By McKenzi Matsick

Stepping into a new chapter of life is never easy, am I right? 

Some, however, may ask why, and I’d have to say the answer is due to first stepping out of an old season where lots of comfort zones were made. 

As in previous articles, I’ve talked a lot about taking a leap of faith by moving from Florida (where I was born and raised for 20 years of my life) to Nashville, Tennessee. The reason for this was none other than a strong nudge from God who stirred a desire in my heart to pursue a job in the music industry. You could say this “calling” was for me to embark on a journey to my “mission field.” 

The move was not easy for me by any means, and to this day, I still struggle with loneliness, while also being faced with newness every single day in many ways. The bottom line is: I don’t do well with change, and maybe you don’t either. 

Perhaps you have felt lonely in the current season you’re in, in which God has taken you from familiarity to what feels like scarcity in various forms. Know that in fact, you’re NOT alone. 

I’ve been reminded by friends of mine to embrace this hard and great season I’m in. Though the only current connections I have are mostly related to work and not so much a community of close friendships, one thing I have learned to do is lean on God more. 

In times of fear, He has been my comfort and protection. In times of loneliness, He indeed has been fully present (like always). In times of doubt, He has been my truth. In times of unknowns, He has been my constant Shepherd, guiding me even when I can’t see what is ahead. 

Friend, I have experienced the love of God now so much more than I ever have in the past. I’ve heard Him speak loudly to me when before, it was my own voice that was drowning His out. It all has come as a result of learning to lean on Him 100%…not 90% or even 99.9%. 

The journey we are on (also known as life) will come with all four seasons. Times of decay and closed doors will come that parallel to fall. Winter conditions will sweep through, and no signs of livelihood will be in sight. However, the growth of spring will come. The pain, stretching, and molding will be used by God in such a way to produce thriving fruit in your life. You’ll experience the highest of highs comparable to summer, and the ugly, yet beautiful cycle will continue to go round and round, ultimately showing how faithful our God is in all seasons. 

We need Him. We cannot go through any situation in life without Him. His Word is the road map to our life. It lights the way, even when all seems dark. 

Let God’s love pour into you as old chapters close and new ones come. It is then and only then, that you will successfully make it through any circumstance that comes your way – even loneliness. Why? Because God walks THROUGH the path WITH us. 

Passages to Read: 

– Daniel 3 (Angel of the Lord is WITH Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego) 

– Exodus 3:9-14 (God to Moses – I will be WITH you) 

– Gen. 12:1-3 (God to Abraham – I will be WITH you)

– Gen. 28:10-22 (God to Jacob – I will be WITH you) 

– Gen. 39:1-6 (God to Joseph – I will be WITH you) 

– Joshua 1:1-9 (God to Joshua – I will be WITH you) 

– Proverbs 3:5-6 (Lean on God, not yourself or this world)