Teen Q&A: Love and Relationships

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

Teen Q&A: Love and Relationships

By Kailyn

I asked some of my friends some questions about relationships because I thought It would be cool to dive into this topic from their perspective. I asked each of them:

1. Does being loved mean you need to be liked, have a crush, or dating someone?

2. What happens when you do like someone?

3. What would you do?

4. Is that love?

5. Would having a significant other make you feel better about yourself?

Here is what they responded with.

1. No, I strongly believe that you don’t need someone else to like you in order for you to feel loved. We are loved no matter what and you don’t need other peoples’ approval of you.

2. When you do like someone, it is most likely just going to be a temporary crush. But if you start to fall in love with someone, that means that you have seen both their bad and good side. You have seen their highs and lows and you see their flaws but you still love them deeply.

3. I would probably ask myself if this is just a crush or someone I can see myself spending the rest of my life with.

4. Depends on how you feel towards that person.

5. Like I elaborated on earlier, you don’t need a man or woman in order to feel loved.

1. While you can have a crush, you can also receive love from your family and friends. 

2. You get butterflies in your stomach when you talk to them.

3. I would tell my friends but I wouldn’t tell them until I know that they aren’t rude.

4. At this age, probably not. High school and definitely middle school relationships never last long.

5. In my opinion, yes it would. Everyone wants someone to love them like they see in TV shows, but when’s the right time?

1. No, I don’t believe that you need to have a crush or be dating anyone. Your family loves you, sometimes you might not believe it, but they do. If you’re in a good household. But the one person who will love you forever is God. He created you because he loves you because he knows that you are worth everything.

2. When you like someone you feel a sense of attraction towards them, not per say you want to spend your life with them if it’s only a crush you just like them.

3. Usually, when I like someone I keep it to myself or tell someone close to me.

4. I don’t consider liking someone to be loving them. It takes time to love another person, you would have to date them for a long time and when you’re ready…you will know.

5. I would say it depends on the boy. There are some relationships that are very toxic and not good for people. There are people who beat their partner and call them names, but then there are other relationships that are uplifting. They could say “Wow you look so beautiful” and it would make you feel really good about yourself. So yeah. I do think having a certain boyfriend would make you feel better about yourself, but you don’t need one. Besides, we need to work on loving ourselves, being confident in who we are, and when the time is right, God will send us the perfect partner to live life with.

1. Heck naw

2. I don’t know because I never admit it

3. If I do like someone I try to be their friend and get to know them.

4. I suppose it is because I ain’t killing them yet

5. AH NAH!!! I don’t need anybody to make me feel good about myself because as long as I got my dog, I’m good!!! I’m still young and free and I’m planning on enjoying it!!!

In Songs of Solomon 2:7, it says “I charge you, O daughters of Jerusalem, By the gazelles or by the does of the field, Do not stir up nor awaken love Until it pleases.” So don’t try to force love upon yourself.be patient because God has the perfect person out there for everybody to fall in love with, but only God knows. You just have to sit back and trust in his wise decisions.