A Sacrificial Superheroine

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

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A Sacrificial Superheroine
Lessons Learned From Wanda Maximoff

By Sophia

A lot of people watch Marvel movies and love the characters. One of my favorite characters is Wanda Maximoff, not only because of her power, but because, even after all of her pain, she still does what’s right. After all that she’s been through, losing her brother and parents, then Vision three times, and now her kids, still she does what’s best for others.

In the series “WandaVision,” we see that she had everything she wanted. She had Vision back and a family. The town was in this giant bubble that she created, and even though she had everything Wanda knew she couldn’t keep it. She had to let the people go and get rid of her bubble, but at the cost of losing everything. Wanda knew that she had to, and she did. Wanda sacrificed her whole world just to free the town, to save the people. That kind of sounds like what Jesus did.

As we all know Easter was a few weeks ago, and everyone should know the Easter story of what Jesus went through. He died on the cross to save us from our sins. He saved us from our sins and freed us so that we have the choice to spend eternal life with him. Like what Wanda had to do, she sacrificed everything to save the town’s people from living under control and being little mind puppets. Yes, she did save them from what she created, but she also gave up the chance to keep her family, just to save them. Agatha told her that if Wanda showed her how to use her power then she would let Wanda keep her little bubble, and nobody would ever bother her again. But Wanda knew what she had to do. Jesus loved us so unconditionally that he died for us, he gave everything to save us from death, from being apart from him forever. Wanda knew the right thing was not what she wanted, yet she didn’t give in to her own selfishness.

Jesus sacrificed himself to save us, and Wanda sacrificed her family which was her whole world and the only thing she truly cared about. After all of her pain and suffering she still didn’t get what she wanted, but did what was right. Nobody is asking you to sacrifice your life like Jesus did, or everything you love like Wanda did, but to do what’s right. You can learn from them and do the right thing. Maybe it’s not what you want, but that’s what’s so hard about being a Christian and a good human. Doing the right thing to make the world a better place. Who knows, maybe your good actions may ripple and make someone else do something good and so on. But doing the right thing is what’s best and maybe it can lead you to some really good opportunities.