Cultivating New Vision

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Cultivating New Vision

By Daniel Jae

A characteristic of love is patience, and this was definitely needed if you wanted to continue in the marvel cinematic universe (MCU). The first three episodes we are thrusted into a weird space where everything is black and white. It felt out of place, and if you have been following the MCU the last decade, this was important for Phase 4. It is evident that something is not right and the looming question is, “Why are they doing it like this?” There is a sense that something has gone wrong in comparison to the rest of the MCU, but love is patience. Beginning with the fourth episode, we begin to see that there is a greater story unraveling and that we were thrusted into it. The stories that we have in our lives never seem to make sense, especially if we have something tragic happen in our lives. It seems that we are constantly putting pieces back to together so that it can make sense in our minds.

Every single human being on Earth has been thrusted into a story that we need to get caught up on. No one has all the answers from birth, but we are given this journey where small pieces begin to add up to a bigger one. Vision puts these pieces together and sees that the reality that he is living in, is not real at all. He questions Wanda. He does his own research and questions the people around him to see what is going on, because something is off. When we do not know God something seems off in our lives. Yes, you can have these masked options that make things “nicer,” but it is not the real. Ephesians 6:12 says, “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood…but against the powers of this dark world.” We are not at war with one another, as some might say, but we are at war against a greater evil, Satan. Vision begins to see that there is a tug of war for his existence in Westview and the real world. As he gets closer to the truth he sees that there is a problem, and he wants to change that.

Christians have been given the task of knowing the truth and using it to change the reality of people around us. If we lay idly by then nothing changes, but if we can piece together the things around our lives, then we will begin to see the change and our true reality. It may not make sense and it can be frustrating, but a characteristic of love is patience.

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