Being Distinct in the Crowd

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

By Cloei

In this earthly world it’s easy to forget our purpose and the reason we are here. Sometimes, we can allow it to become all about ourselves and worry about what others think. We have a sinful nature, we are all going to fall short, and we will chase worldly desires. It is something we will just have to deal with and push away until we get to eternity. Our purpose here is to learn who Jesus is and what He did for us and then go out and share what we know with others! I know it’s kind of intimidating but it can be in the little ways and in our day to day lives that we can point others to Jesus and make them notice there’s something different about us! 

Social media is a great example. There are so many awesome opportunities on social media to reflect Jesus. There are some people I know on social media that are AMAZING at posting about the truth of Jesus and the struggles that come, etc. Others claim to be a Christian yet when compared to a nonbeliever’s page they look so similar. They post things that don’t glorify God and aren’t what He wants the world to see. Don’t get me wrong, posting fun stuff is totally ok and super fun! The Bible doesn’t say we shouldn’t post about life and silly things; we just want to make sure it’s “Christ approved” and ask ourselves if He would be pleased with us. It can be hard to post the honest stuff on the internet and I have to admit I really struggle with it! It can be easy for me to just post the fluff and the fun and not be real and share the dry and hard times. I think it’s super important as Christians that we are able to identify our struggles and share them with others. We all struggle and sometimes we can feel alone in that so it’s always encouraging knowing you’re not the only one.

Jesus suffered tremendously on the cross for us, thinking of each of us individually. That should make us want to live, be selfless like Jesus, and be DISTINCT in the crowd.