Dressing Purposely

(Photos by Darthy McCormick)

Dressing Purposely

By Darthy McCormick

The boiling summer of 2019 found me wearing full length pants and a long sleeve oversized top. I was covered from head to toe; I was absolutely miserable.

But this is what I felt like a had to do to be a good Christian. Being petite made it difficult to find clothes, and I was caving under the pressure of:

Don’t be a stumbling block!

Don’t compromise!

Don’t be a temptress!

Don’t be so self-absorbed!

Is this really what I was called to? It seemed like a life of shame and hiding.

In Timothy Chapter 2, we are advised to dress respectably and practice self-control – to focus more on the good we do rather than flaunting the clothes we wear. God can see in our hearts, but the world can only see our appearance. This is where modesty comes in. Modesty shows the world who we are and the Bible tells us that we are:

Created by God and therefore good (Genesis 1).

Temples of the Holy Spirit 1 (Corinthians 6:19).

Chosen by Him (John 15:16).

Modesty then, isn’t about covering up as much as possible, but dressing in a way that shows we are not just our bodies, but souls that were created with a purpose.

This can be difficult since most stores either don’t offer many modest options or don’t include may body types. Additionally, we often want our clothing to reflect our personalities and give us a chance to try out new trends. If any of these struggles sound familiar, here are 5 outfit ideas for staying cool and feeling cute while practicing modesty.

  1. Bike Shorts and Oversized Tops

Bike shorts are super popular right now and incredibly comfortable. Try going for a longer short and add an oversized top and you can be covered, cute and comfortable all at once! Perfect for beach days or spending time in nature.

2. Silk Scarves and Fitted Tee’s

One of this summer’s big trends is wearing silk scarves or bandanas as tops. Join in the fun by wearing a fitted tee underneath and you won’t have to worry about it flying up or coming untied. It looks great with mom shorts!

3. Casual and Classy

Although blazers may not be the first thing you think of with summer clothes, they are a great way to dress up a casual outfit. Add a pair of heels and you’re ready for a summer evening out for dinner or a shopping day around town.

4. Tennis Skorts

Long skirts can be hard to find and sometimes they’re so long you trip over them. An awesome trend this summer is tennis skorts! Whether you play sports or not, the option to wear a casual skirt without having to worry about it flying up is great to have.

5. Light Layers

Sometimes the best way to dress modestly is to layer. One of my favorite combinations is putting on a brami tank with an open button down. Brami’s are great because they already padded and lined and can be paired with almost anything. For an extra touch, you can layer a few necklaces for a little sparkle.