Living Differently

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

Living Differently

By Sophia

Being distinct as a Christian means sticking out from the rest of the crowd. As Christians we are supposed to be different from our non-Christian friends, neighbors, maybe even some family members. We have to show them that we live differently from them, that we shouldn’t go to certain places or support certain things because of what we believe in. We need to be distinct and show the non-believers that we live differently for a reason.

A few months ago, my Pastor was talking about being different because we’re Christian. He said, “I always tell my kids that we live differently from the rest of their friends because we’re Christian.” And I started to think about all of the things we do differently because we believe something else. A little background history, I used to play soccer when I was little and now I’m in dance. So, when I was talking with my Mom about not doing certain things, she said that they didn’t put me into club soccer or competitive dance because it would take time away from God. I used to have a friend in club soccer and she would have tournaments and games on Sundays, so if I were to be in club soccer, we would never be at church. Just like competitive dance; dancers need a lot of time to practice for competition, and if I were in it I probably would have no time for God. My Mom said that I could do dance, soccer, or other sports, but the priority is for me to have a strong relationship with the Lord. Our life here on Earth is very short, and I want to spend it getting close to God so I can have eternal life in Heaven. And that’s my priority. I’m not hating on anyone who is a Christian and is in a competitive sport, but I know for myself it would be difficult to juggle both a competitive sport and staying close with God.

Jesus’s priorities were to preach, talk about the Lord, and to further the kingdom of God on Earth. He was quiet, but bold in his faith. He didn’t hesitate to heal someone or say something. He was never yelling at anyone or telling them they will go to hell if they didn’t accept God as their Lord and Savior. He was patient, kind, and welcoming towards non-believers. There’s a story about a disciple who didn’t hesitate to heal a man. In Acts 3, it says,” Peter and John were walking up to the temple to do their prayers when they saw a man who was crippled from birth. Everyday people would walk past him, maybe give him some money here and there. Peter walked up to the man and the man asked, “Do you have any money you can give me?” Peter replied, “I don’t have any silver or gold, but I’ll give you what I do have. In the name of Jesus the Messiah from Nazareth, walk!” Peter grabbed the man’s hand and helped him up. As Peter was leading him into the temple everyone inside was in awe of what they were seeing, the man they saw everyday outside of the temple who couldn’t walk and was now standing with them?” I like that story because it shows how Peter had such faith in the Lord that He would give him the power to heal that man. Peter didn’t stop and ask, “Okay Lord, can you help me heal this man?” No, he didn’t question the Lord; he believed that God would help him and he did. That story shows that we need to have faith in the Lord.

All my life I have gone to a Private Christian school. I’d never been to a public school until my freshman year of Highschool. In one of my classes this year, I had to make a presentation about myself, and without thinking I put down that I was a Christian. As I was showing my mom the presentation she asked, “You put you were a Christian in there?” And it was my first time saying I was a Christian in front of people in my class who weren’t. My Parents were proud to know that I wasn’t afraid to say I believed in God – that I wasn’t afraid of what people would say or think of me. I was proud of myself too for being brave and speaking about my beliefs in class.

Being distinct is living differently from the rest of the world. So, don’t be scared to tell people who may have different beliefs than you. Because if you think about it, it really doesn’t matter what other people think of you because in the end it won’t matter in Heaven. Just because you live differently from your friends or people you know doesn’t mean you don’t have to be proud of what you believe in. You are distinct, so be distinct and proud.