A Family Reunion

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

A Family Reunion
What Will Our Relationships Look Like in Heaven?

By Lexi

I bet most of you have thought to yourself, “what do relationships really look like in Heaven?” I know that I have. Well, since none of us know exactly what relationships will look like, I asked some of my Christian friends to see what they think. Here are the questions I asked:

1. Will people be married in Heaven?

2. Will I see my loved ones, who have already passed, again?

3. Will we still be able to spend time with our friends and family in      Heaven?

4. What will our relationship with God look like?

Let’s dive in and see what they said:

Friend 1:

1. No, because Jesus said, “they will neither marry nor are given in marriage” (Matthew 22:30 NIV).

2. Yes, this is part of our blessed hope. A great big family reunion. And when Jesus returns, we will have resurrected bodies just like Jesus did (1 Corinthians 15:47).

3. I do believe we will be able to connect with our family and friends!

4. Lots of worship and connecting with the Father! Like in the Garden of Eden where God walked with mankind and also how Jesus connected with His disciples.

Friend 2:

1. Yes, I believe when people are married, they have a special connection in spirit that will be the same in Heaven.

2. Yes, I believe that if you are in Heaven with your loved ones, then God will let you see them.

3. Yes, I believe that you will be able to spend time with all other believers in Heaven and have perfect relationships and fellowship.

4. I think that we will be close to God and have a relationship like with a father, only the relationship is perfect.

Friend 3:

1. Jesus said no when he was talking about marriage.

2. Yes! If they were Christians when they died and you are a Christian, you will see them again!

3. I don’t know for sure but I assume we will be able to be with our friends and family in Heaven. I think that every Godly relationship here on earth will be even richer in Heaven.

4. I’m honestly not quite sure what our relationship with God will look like.

I don’t know about you, but when I think about heaven, I think of a great big family reunion! I always enjoy seeing my extended family and being able to just have fun together! So, will we be able to play a big game of baseball with everyone or go scuba diving together!? Well, we will just have to see when we get there. I believe Heaven will be like a humongous family reunion with our Heavenly Father and with all of our brothers and sisters in Christ! And the best part is that this reunion goes on for all eternity and I believe that we will never get tired of it!

Family Reunion (Definition): “A family reunion is an occasion when many members of an extended family gather together.”