Faith Over Fear of The Unknown

(Photo by Zac Martin)

Faith Over Fear of The Unknown

By Cloei

Being faithful all the time and trusting that God is with us can be hard sometimes. There are lots of worries and doubts we can have as Christians and one of those is eternity. Fear of life after we pass is kind of crazy to think about! We can’t see heaven yet or know what it looks like but the Bible gives us descriptions of it and gives us assurance that heaven is for real!

Trying to fully understand heaven/eternity can be a little overwhelming. I’m a huge thinker. It can come in handy at times but it can also put me in a box of worry and anxiousness if I let it. I read into things that are better left unread and should just be handed over to trusting God. If I let the fear trickle in and tell me lies, they are bound to run my life.

We often have questions and things we want to know that can’t seem to be answered by the Bible. We can overthink heaven and we start to wonder, “Is it even real?” Satan will try in every way to make us doubt and question the Lord’s marvellous kingdom. At some point we have to tell ourselves to stop and trust. We will always struggle with having the answers to the worldly lies Satan puts into our minds but eternity with Christ on the other hand has been assured! You can go back in the Bible for a refresher: John 5:24 says, “Very truly I tell you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be judged but has crossed over from death to life” (NIV) . This scripture tells us that if we have allowed Jesus into our hearts then we can have confidence of the future and eternity in Christ!

Travelling is a common time for fear to slide into our minds. Some struggle with this more than others and I definitely am one of them. We can’t be assured and comforted that we WILL make it but we can have assurance of eternity and that should be our comfort! Assurance of a life with Jesus, our Savior, ahead! When we trust and allow His peace of assurance to work through us, we can choose the comfort He offers over fear! Let’s choose faith over fear of the unknown!!