5 Ways to Incorporate Kindness and Respect in the Workplace

(Photo by Selma Komisy)

5 Ways to Incorporate Kindness and Respect in the Workplace

By Daniel Daugherty)

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of work probably isn’t kindness. Chances are, you think of your workplace like the TV show “The Office.” You clock in, do your job, maybe talk to your coworkers for a couple of minutes, and then leave until the next day. Sure, you might also have some fun here and there, but it’s not something you think of right away. And that’s sad to think of. Every person you work with is a potential friend that you might never really meet if we stay in our own space and don’t speak up. And while it’s not all on you, starting to get a better perspective on our workplaces will lead to a more positive workplace. I have some tips on how we can start that and let it spread throughout our jobs.

  1. Go into each day with a positive attitude

Starting your day with a smile always will help. You will feel better, your coworkers will notice and maybe try to start their day smiling as well. One small action can lead to a bigger result. Even just saying hi to someone as you clock in, they may be glad that you noticed them.

  • Make conversation

When you have a moment during your job, try and have a conversation with one of your coworkers. Try to get to know them better, since who knows, they might become your new best friend. Of course, don’t get distracted from your job, and don’t distract them. You still need to work!

  • Eyes up

Don’t walk around with your eyes towards your feet. Look up! Make eye contact with people, let them know that you see them. Eye contact is the best way to let someone know you’re paying attention to them, especially during a conversation. People want to talk to you, not your forehead.

  • Try to find ways to help whenever you can

One thing that many workplaces have are new hires that don’t really know what they’re doing. Offer to help them out, show them how to properly do their jobs. Even doing little odd tasks for other people when you notice that they might need help. Eventually, the people that you help will start to help out other people the way you helped them. One small action leads to big results.

  • The big one…DON’T USE YOUR PHONE!

This is one that I try to use myself when I am at my job. When you go onto your break and see others in the break room with you, try to engage them. Even just little things, show that you want to get to know them. If you’re on your phone the whole time and don’t even look up, you’re going to seem closed off and distant.

If you try these and don’t see any changes yet, grab your coworkers’ stapler and put it in Jell-o. That will always make somebody laugh!