Editor’s Note: October, 2021

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

Editor’s Note: October, 2021

By Sarah Komisky

We are a culture that values partnership. We see it in entrepreneurship, influencer collaborations, podcasts, interviews, books, films, series, and more. But then, we experience it in our daily lives. From the person we are in a dating relationship with to the person who is in a cubical next to us, we as people enter partnerships on a daily basis. However, do we recognize it, and what happens when we enter the wrong kind of partnership?

Partnership is powerful. The right ones pack purpose with a greater punch! In fact, in a recent interview with Matthew McConaughey on the subject of marriage, the acclaimed actor stated that he was formerly afraid of marriage stifling independence and losing self. However, after taking the time to contemplate the institution of marriage, he came to value it more. In a nutshell, the actor shared that he felt the partnership was only enhancing his life making his 100 and her 100 (wife, Camila Alves) equal 200 together! What a great illustration of the potential of the partnership.

Consider this. Proposed to us in every partnership is purpose. It’s up to us to embrace it or not. It’s all how we look at it. In the choice to partner up, we have the potential to propel forward or become injured in our pain of joining up with someone we shouldn’t. As simple as it sounds, we have the choice to partner up, or not. Knowing that is revolutionary.

While we don’t always have the opportunity to choose our partnerships such as our colleagues, clients, or neighbors in our apartment building, we can choose how we see them. How can we find the good? All relationships in partnership have value. And what if there is potential for nothing to be happenstance, but perhaps, providential?

Here at Marked Ministry, we believe our partnership also extends beyond our human interaction to our most important relationship, with God.

From this relationship braches every good purpose. The Bible says much about the topic. For one, Ecclesiastes 4:9-11 talks about partnership and protection as two can be a help to one another. We made have heard this one in 1 Corinthians 15:33 that, “bad company corrupts good morals.” The CEV puts it this way, “Don’t fool yourselves. Bad friends will destroy you.” Regarding marriage, Matthew 19:5-6 says that what God “joins” together, no man can separate. That’s a strong bond. John 15:4-5 expresses the truth that when we abide in God, we have the connection and ability to do what we could do beyond ourselves. 1 Corinthians 1:9 also says we’re called to “fellowship” with God. In essence, we were called to a partnership with Him and with those He places in our lives for a greater purpose. And that purpose is for us to discover.

Therefore,  how can we be equipped to enter healthy partnerships? How can we cultivate a partnership with those who are placed, we believe by God, in our lives? Also, how can we see the value in each person and what boundaries can we create in partnership to keep us safe?

In this special, “Partnership Issue,” we are going to explore these topics even further and also invite our friends to discuss what partnership means to them. This month we are collaborating with marathoner, author, blogger, and speaker, Johnny Agar, and his amazing mom, Becki Agar to talk about his book,” The Impossible Mile” and more! Also, we invited a returning friend, musician Cade Thompson to talk about his newest release, “Bigger Story.” Each interview will contain exclusive content and be released for the first time in video format – you don’t want to miss it! Therefore, we want to invite you to enjoy this installment of our back to basics series and also invite you to enter a new partnership with MM! May this issue encourage you to see the partnerships in your life with value, care, and power as you make healthy steps towards purpose.