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On The Radar
An Interview on Christmas, Music, and Giving with Stars Go Dim

By Sarah Komisky

Every year you look for that new album that is going to be your personal holiday soundtrack of the season. This year, we caught up with one of our favorite artists who just so happened to be making one of the EP’s on our radar this December. Welcome, Chris of Stars Go Dim as we talk music, home, memories, and more in this exclusive Q&A interview.

Marked Ministry: Stars Go Dim! As always, great to have you back at Marked Ministry! We’re especially excited to have you here for the holidays! You have a new EP out called, “The First Noël.” And, I know you have released a few Christmas songs over the years, so what brought about this new collection this year?

Stars Go Dim: Yes! Well, I love Christmas music. I’ve been trying to do another Christmas project for a couple of years. In May of 20, I asked the label to do one and they said I was too late!  Haha

So I started this project in January of 2021 to make sure we could get it done with plenty of time!  

Marked Ministry: “Home” is the new single featuring Curb Records, Hannah Ellis. You have said that the song was written about going back home for the holidays after you made the move to Tennessee. Many songwriters have written songs about going home and missing their loved ones. So, for you, what inspired you when you write “home” and how do you think it adds to the collection of holiday songs that talk about this subject?

Stars Go Dim: This is my mom’s favorite song [and the only one that broke into the Kenny/Dolly Christmas playlist, (laughs)] because it’s exactly the story of going home for Christmas! From the trip the songs, the movies…all of it. I’m so glad we finally recorded a version of it – I wrote this years ago and my mom has had the demo. So when we started doing more Christmas music I knew we had to do this one. 

Hannah jumping on it is the best Christmas gift ever! She’s so talented and I’m grateful she did it. 

Marked Ministry: In turn, “home” for many of us has become more significant over these past years of separation and isolation in a pandemic. Therefore, how do you think this song resonates in the season we are in now? 

Stars Go Dim: Totally! I remember the first time I saw my family after being isolated for so long – I was emotional, and didn’t even realize I would be until it happened. I think the timing of this – while not really planned at all – hits a little harder, for sure. 

Marked Ministry: “I’ll be Home for Christmas” is a great classic. Again, there is the theme of “home.” In light of that, do you have a special memory that evokes “home” for you and why is that memory special to you?

Stars Go Dim: When I was a kid we had such a big family that Christmas was a week-long event. Great grandparents, then my mom’s parents, then we would wake up and have Christmas at home and many times go to my dad’s parents in the afternoon. I always loved being around family. The craziness, the noise, the songs, the food…I loved it all.

Marked Ministry: Listening to these songs, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the excitement and anticipation of the birth of Christ and welcoming Him into the world as Savior. Talk about that truth in these songs on the EP.

Stars Go Dim: I love how songs like “How Glorious The Love Of Heaven” can speak about God and the birth of Jesus in a way that draws us back to the meaning behind the holiday. 

We can get lost in all of the other stuff so much, so I wanted to make sure we could anchor this project in faith as well. 

Marked Ministry: “The First Noël” is another great Christmas classic on the EP. Musically, how did you try to reinterpret these old favorites and put a “Stars Go Dim” spin on them?

Stars Go Dim: When I was a worship leader for so many years it was difficult to find Christmas music that, 1. We liked, and 2. Kept the melody the same so it didn’t confuse our congregation. 

So when we decided to do this song I knew we had to keep the melody the same but I also wanted to add a worshipful element to it as well. I love what we came up with and hope it can be an anthem for the church during the Christmas season!

Marked Ministry: Fun question, if you pull any classic Christmas album and do a duet with the artist, who would it be with and why?

Stars Go Dim: Oh, Dolly – hands down. I grew up with those records. I know every word…plus, it’s Dolly. 

Marked Ministry: “Christmas is Here” is literally one of my favorites! I love the R&B and pop aspect of the song. So, as an artist, how do you create something completely new in terms of a holiday song? 

Stars Go Dim: Doesn’t it feel like Christmas when it comes on!? This song was a product of Jeff Pardo and I just leaning into classic Christmas but also what my natural style melodically and vocally tends to be. (It’s one of my favorites too!)

Marked Ministry: “Yes He Does” is the upcoming song release so I wanted to know, what is your hope for the song in 2022?

Stars Go Dim: That it can give people hope who may have lost it over the past couple of years. God has been so faithful, even through loss and difficulty, to my family and I. This song is a reflection of that and I hope it can encourage others who are going through similar difficult times. 

Marked Ministry: Closing out, what’s on the horizon for Stars Go Dim?

Stars Go Dim: “Grace In The Wilderness” will release in the spring of 2022!  I think it’s the best music I’ve ever made. We will begin releasing new songs from it very soon!  

Find out more on Stars Go Dim by visiting starsgodim.com