Purity Poetry: Reframing Love

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

Purity Poetry: Reframing Love

By Marta Oliveira 

1 Corinthians 13 talks about a kind of love that is rare, so rare that one may even wonder if it’s real at all. The experience most people have with love, even from an early age, is probably much different from what is described. For love in this world has lost its purity. But what is true love, if not pure love? Untainted by all the things we try so hard to keep out of love, because deep down we know they dont belong there? A love where there is no fear nor pride, nor many others of the like? Take heart, fellow human, this pure love is found in Christ.


when I think about purity

and the meaning of pure love

there is truthfulness and kindness

and much grace from above

there’s no jealousy nor pride

this love ain’t selfish nor rude

it bears all things, all the time

it’s established and it’s good

you can trust it never quits

in all the fights and travails

for our victory in Christ is this:

His pure love never fails.

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