Editor’s Note: August, 2022

(Photo by Selma Komisky)

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Editor’s Note: August, 2022

By Sarah Komisky

Marvel. The cinematic universe has brought life, imagination, and color into our homes and theatres around the world. What is so amazing about it is that what transcends amongst all people is the relational factor of the film and streaming series. Pick a Marvel film and you can find the relationships that are most memorable to us. There are the unforgettable love stories but also friendships, mentorships, familial connections, teammates, and frenemies to name a few. What makes Marvel so endearing and relatable is that while they are superheroes or villains in some cases, they often resemble the best and worst of human nature.

Just like all you Marvel fans, I too am celebrating the release of so many new films and Disney+ series since our last release. With the addition of shows like Moonknight, Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye, and movies like Dr. Strange, Black Widow, and Thor: Love and Thunder (to name a few), we at Marked Ministry found it vital to incorporate Marvel into our new issue. This time with a theme of “Reconnect,” we felt it was only fitting to draw inspiration from some of these recent releases to take a deeper dive into their relationships.

In this issue, you will find some classic films as well as newer additions to pull from a variety of Marvel relational connections. The great thing about film is that can move us visually, cinematically, and in the plotline. In this round, we want to observe these films and draw out the lessons we can learn about various types of relationships. In terms of our faith, we want to discover what lessons apply to purity in relationships and how can our Marvel characters illustrate a deeper truth that we can learn from when it comes to our connection with each other.

As a sneak peek into the issue, our lineup includes Black Widow and her family dynamics as well as insight into Ms. Marvel’s mother-daughter duo. Loki is back to talk about authoritative relationships and of course, we can’t forget the love relationship with have seen most recently with Thor and Jane. Other articles include two explorations into Captain America’s relationships as well as our own relational self-awareness with Moonknight, Dr. Strange’s friendships, and a mental health analysis of touch seen in Marvel films by MM Writer Cherise (you are not wanting to miss out on that one!)

And, to keep in step with our superheroes, we’re including an exciting book except, film/music reviews, and interviews from some super-humans we know such as host of @everydayadventurepodcast and author Ryan George. We will also include a music review on Tauren Well’s latest release as well as a review of the amazing film “There is the Kingdom” about artists impacting the lives of those in poverty. Don’t forget to welcome our newest writer, Megan by reading her interview with up-and-coming entrepreneur and influencer Zoey Whittet of @humblybold.co. Lastly, you are not wanting to miss out on our newest showcase interview with the singer-songwriter Jonas Myrin on relationships, music, and more. So, get ready for adventure in our second Marvel-inspired issue out this August! We hope you enjoy the visit to the Marvel Universe and most of all are inspired to look at relationships in new ways as we apply these film lessons to our faith.