Kamala Khan and Muneeba: The Struggles of Mother-Daughter-Relationships 

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Kamala Khan and Muneeba: The Struggles of Mother-Daughter-Relationships 

By Brisa Aguirre

Kamala Khan in “Ms. Marvel” is a modern teenage girl torn between Pakistani and American culture. As this can be a common struggle for multicultural children. It’s easy to wander off from your culture when you grow up in an American school and have American friends. You then become interested in American things. 

This becomes an issue for Kamala as her mother. There is constant guilt-tripping, reprimanding, and objection. Muneeba does not approve of most, if not all, of Kamala’s interests. Even more so Kamala’s constant “daydreaming” keeps getting her in trouble. 

Kamala is a unique case- she gets superpowers. She has to balance this, her strict mother, and being a teenager. 

Kamala and Muneeba 

Kamala is a free-spirited, daydreamer making her way through as a high schooler. She tends to keep to herself. But as her life enhances due to gaining powerful abilities so does her confidence. She tries to fit in as an American, Pakistani, and superhuman. 

Muneeba is a strict, no-nonsense, Pakistani mother who values her culture. And makes sure to instill that culture in her daughter. She believes her way is the right way and the only way. 

As you can see, these different personalities are bound to clash. 


Whenever Kamala asks her mother for permission to go somewhere it is always shut down. It seems like the only way she will say yes is if it is under her mon’s conditions. For example, Kamala asks to go to Avenger-Con. If Kamala does not agree with mom’s conditions then there is no way she is going. This is stressful for the big Avengers fan. 

Rebellion tends to show up in kids who grow up with strict parents. In this instance, Kamala sneaks out of her home only to be caught when she returns. In which her mom tells her that her actions are a betrayal. This can be a hard thing to hear from a parent. This can make one feel guilty.

Guilt-tripping seems like a common theme in Muneeba. As can be used by many parents. Muneeba has this mother-is-always-right persona. And never seems to give her daughter a chance. She is changing and Muneeba needs to learn to adapt. 

Reconnecting: Nothing But Love 

“I know that you are growing up, but I need you to stay safe. That’s all that matters.” 

Throughout the series, you can see that Muneeba is not evil and controlling. She only wants what is best for her daughter. You can see tender moments, such as the sweet hugging scene in the bathroom. She does love Kamala. Everything she does and says comes from a place of love. As you can see, they have a complex relationship/ 

They are both on this new path in life of many changes and new experiences. And the best way to cope is to hear each other out and try to understand one another. This is the way of a healthy, pure relationship. 

These mother-and-daughter examples show us that we ought to hear one another out. Without the guilt-tripping. And try to understand one another. Not just in parent-child relationships but in all relationships.