‘Joy In The Morning – Album Review

(Cover art courtesy of taurenwells.com)

“Joy In The Morning” – Album Review

By Megan Luebberman

Tauren Wells’ third album “Joy in the Morning” was released on June 10th and brings a wide variety of music to gladden our hearts. With immense success in the contemporary Christian music genre already, Wells presents even more amazing vocals, deep messages, and enlivening beats for listeners to enjoy. From upbeat bops to dance to in the car, to slower, hard-hitting emotional solos, this album has it all.

This album’s opening track, “Fake it,” is the most lively of the bunch–starting the collection of songs off strongly. About being authentically yourself and being loved by God for it, this song emboldens individuals in their faith. It features Aaron Cole’s voice along with Wells’ and was written during the dispirited time of the pandemic. “Fake it” sets the tone for the rest of the album, displaying the reality of God’s hope and love.

In addition to “Fake it,” the songs “Up,” “Come Home,” “Use a Friend,” and “Afraid with You” all offer similar, yet distinctly unique, beats that induce dancing or, in the least, head bobbing. Up simply encourages those in hardship to have perseverance in the most positive assemblage of sound. Come Home leaves room for doubts and seems to acknowledge those who have been hurt by hypocrisy in church and religion. Its RnB style and echoing call and response chorus really intensify the powerful lyrics. Those doubting God are comforted and welcomed back with open, loving arms. Contrastingly, “Use a Friend” and “Afraid with You” take a different approach to worship music and focus more on human relationships. Both have a summer-time feel, with the former featuring a small portion of rap and the latter featuring Tiffany Hudson of Elevation Worship to switch off with Wells. Each talks about being present with another person in their struggles, highlighting the importance of friendship.

Along with the energetic songs, there are several with a softer and slower pace; yet they remain just as, if not more, impactful. “Crazy About You”  begins with a soft piano and has a poignant crescendo. It’s about God’s immeasurable love for His children and testifies of His sacrifice for all. “Empty,” like “Fake It,” touches on the topic of authenticity and points out that chasing the world results in emptiness. A light wake-up call for those seeking temporary pleasures, this track subtly points to God’s ability to provide fulfillment. “Has To Be God” notes the small aspects of everyday life that God takes a part in, including romantic love. A partial love song to his wife, a partial worship song, “Has To Be God” appreciates all God’s blessings.

The album’s title track offers the most underwhelming style of the bunch. It’s more traditional and has a tinge of country music feel to it, but still has a noteworthy message. Like a few other songs in the mix, this song is an encouragement in trials. It holds the promise of God that “there will be joy in the morning.” Faith is characterized as trusting when “your plan falls apart/But you still choose to follow.” Overall, it’s the best song for classic church worship and still packs a punch like every song of Wells’.

All in all, the entire album stands as a testament of God’s great love and exposes the true struggles Christians must go through to believe. The messages are especially important for today’s youth who become consumed by worldly endeavors and try to keep up appearances while feeling meaningless inside. The album recognizes and addresses hardship and suffering of every kind, giving both God and fellow believers as sources of compassion and support. Wells utilizes a wide variety of instruments, styles, and vocal delivery to ultimately bring more glory to God and inspire others to trust in His grace.

Stream “Joy In The Morning” at www.taurenwells.com/music