Re-Embracing Purity in Your Life

Re-Embracing Purity in Your Life

By Brisa Aguirre

“You must keep your bodies pure,” they said. “Sex before you’re married makes you impure.” But nobody tells you purity pertains to different aspects of life. This can cause one to shy away because the focus tends to stay on that one topic. Or is mistakenly associated with one subject. That is not the case.

Once you know that purity does not only pertain to sex but to so much more, we look at it in a different light. Purity is and should be involved in relationships, life decisions, and even how we dress.

Knowing what you know, the truth of what it means to be pure, re-embracing purity in its true light is attractive. Take a moment to reassess what it means to keep purity in your life. You can benefit from pursuing this. And even if you should fall short in the process God is right there with you every step of the way.

Where You’ve Been Vs Going

Negative implications can be tied up with purity. You may see purity in a bad light. As a thing that people may hold up to a high degree. It can seem intimidating to those who do not know the true meaning of it.

These negative implications could have been attained through peers, family, or even the church. This can lead to feeling pressure. If you have felt this before, it is understandable why you did.

But let us say later you become aware of the true meaning of purity and how it applies to all aspects of life, not just one. This time you feel no shame or pressure. But you know Jesus and His word. You shape your idea of purity not from people but from Scripture.

And with this newfound concept of purity, you re-embrace life with a fresh mindset. You feel free because you know the truth.

But will you always feel this freedom? What if you fail and become discouraged?

What To Do When Discouraged

You have been doing great– living the pure life. But something happens. You stumble, you fall. And as you lay there debating, “Should I get up, how do I get up?” Shame begins to creep in.

You did not come this far just to fail. It happens. You are not perfect. Life is not perfect. But you believe in someone who is.

So, whenever this happens shake the dust off your feet. Pray, repent, and keep reading the Word of God. Remember who you are in Christ. You are made righteous through Him.

Do not allow yourself to stay down as there are great blessings in staying on the path of purity. 

Benefits Of Living a Pure Life: What to Keep In Mind

Living a pure life has its benefits. For blessed are the pure in heart. 

To name a few, these benefits can be as followed:

  1. Closeness/ intimacy with God
  2. Obeying God is easier
  3. Self-control 
  4. Joy of the LORD, true joy
  5. Less self-caused trouble
  6. Freedom
  7. You become more like Jesus

I do not know about you, but these sound amazing. It may take time and effort to continue this path. This will require constant work. But after a while, it becomes easier, and you become more and more holy. This is the goal.

Do not worry about what others may think or are doing. So long as you are doing what you are supposed to. God will see you and bless you for it.


I’m sure you can agree that purity is not always shown in the best light. Purity is a good thing. It is holy, good, and godly.

There is nothing negative about purity. There is no pressure despite what others have caused you to think in the past. Knowing what you know now about this topic it should motivate you to live a pure life. 

Do not let the past steer you. And if you should fail, do not stay down. Get up and remember who you are. You got this. Always remember the blessing of living a pure life.

Now go and re-embrace purity.