Let’s Face It

Let’s Face It – Cetaphil’s My Choice!                        

By Selma Komisky

Cetaphil is a breath of fresh air for your face. While it is a great simple facial cleanser because it is gentle, cleansing, and moisturizing, this cleanser also makes skincare a pleasure because it’s clear, smooth, and creamy combined!

I start out my low maintenance care routine each day with cleansing (which probably takes ten minutes at the most). For me, it’s a good way to maintain healthy skin and start with a clean canvas. As a teen I struggled with acne and would go to the dermatologist which also inspired me to take better care of my skin. However old you are its never too late or too early to maintain healthy skin.

Originally called, “Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion,” the cleansing product was developed in 1947 by a pharmacist for dermatology needs and soon took off with the popular skin care line that we have today.

As I massage the cleanser onto my skin using my cleansing brush, it creates a nice lather that leaves a fresh clean and light fragrance. Then I proceed by rinsing with lukewarm water (FYI – do not use hot water because it dehydrates skin) and am left with an overall complexion that has a nice healthy glow and skin that is clean and soft.

Dermatologist recommended, Cetaphil is also good for all skin types (especially sensitive skin). It easily removes old make-up and helps eliminate unwanted blemishes. It is so gentle that you can use it on your neck area as well to cleanse. Now don’t get me wrong ladies, I like those expensive name brand cleansers too but Cetaphil works just as well and you can save money too! Costing about five to nine dollars depending on the size, it’s affordable in comparison to others that can run anywhere from 25 dollars and up.

Easily available in almost all stores like Wal-Mart, Target, and local markets, this product is an excellent find.

To give your skin an extra boost, try exfoliating once or twice by adding a teaspoon of baking soda to the cleanser to treat it as a gentle scrub. This will help remove any dead cells, and allow moisturizer to penetrate and give softer skin that feels revitalized instead of dry. Speaking of moisturizer, Cetaphil additionally provides a great daily facial moisturizer with SPF UVA/UVB that is fragrance free. I use this everyday under my make-up and it’s non-greasy and feels light on my skin. For protection I still use an additional sunscreen to fight sun rays and skin cancer.

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*This is not a paid endorsement for Cetaphil.