Renee Goble – Writer

I love Jesus. Deeply. He is my reason to live and my reason to sing. I’m an extroverted- introvert and the oldest of two in a family that loves life and laughter and has a propensity to shout everything even if you’re standing two feet away. They bring joy and craziness into my quiet corner of the world and remind me to laugh at myself. Some of my favorite things are reading, hiking, dancing (especially in the rain), chatting with friends over copious amounts of tea or coffee, taking long rambling walks, or gazing at the stars while having deep conversations about life. Also, flowers, polka dots, and pearls make me ridiculously happy. If I’m not busy writing and putting that BA in English Composition into practice, I’m dreaming of traveling. I have been to several countries and continents and I have decided I want to travel forever. I will also someday own a pet pig named Wilbur, a Golden-doodle named Prince Charles, and a horse named Shadow to ride when I’m feeling extra-crazy and spontaneous.