Campus Comment: Fall Fashion 2015

Campus Comment: Fall Fashion 2015

Article and Photography By Lydia Salas and Jess Sanchez


Devonie Alyse Valadez, California State University Los Angeles

“What I love about the first outfit is that it has a floral pattern that has many neutral colors that relate to fall fashion. My favorite was the white fringe vest since it does symbolize “70’s fall fashion” which is a style that is trendy today. I also wore the brown leather hat because it adds more to the outfit making it more put together and also because I love the hat! Then the burgundy shoes I wore are cute and have a little heel to them (: Overall, the outfit symbolizes me as a person being more free spirited and being bold to mix and match different pieces of clothing.”

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Felicia Ulloa, plans to attend Calvary Chapel Bible College

“I absolutely loved this sweater and how the hat made it look seasonal. I loved the brown fall colors and the way the hat and the colors on the sweater made my lipstick pop.”


Ashley Martin, Arizona State University Online

“Honestly, those are just my go-to, super easy, but still cute outfits. My closet is pretty basic! The base of my outfits are usually all the same. I’ll just throw different shoes on, or a different jacket to make it look different.”


“Why I chose the second outfit is because wearing black on black is also trendy. I also like the shirt I wore because of the lace which is something that I like to wear and the pants I wore look similar to wearing tights, but they’re more professional looking. Then the shoes I wore are just simple, cute, and comfortable. When I don’t feel like wearing boots, I wear the black shoes as a substitute and when I wear outfits that don’t have any patterns and are simple, I like to add more to it by wearing jewelry or hats.”


“I loved this outfit because the green jacket and the brown vest complimented each other very well. The off purple jeans also mix well with the colors. The white shirt I’m wearing makes the outfit brighter and the rings make the outfit look cute and fun.”



Lydia Salas (far right), Calvary Chapel Christian Academy

“The outfit I had picked out was something so simple yet something so easy to be dressed up. A lot of my clothes are black, white, and denim but black and white pretty much go with everything and I have my denim to mix it up. During the summer I love dresses but this black one specifically helps keep me cool.”



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