Review: Ignite The Night

Review: Ignite the Night

By Sarah Komisky

Light shown in the darkness at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, as Run2 Rescue (a non-profit organization) hosted “Ignite the Night” on August 7th, 2015. The event, which featured an evening of arts and awareness, penetrated the darkness of human trafficking. Fluidly moving from guest speakers, dancers, poets, and various musicians, the night was all about being a voice for those who don’t have one and seeing captives set free.

A serious issue many are unaware of, have misunderstandings about, or little knowledge at all was addressed in a way that educated and also enlightened those who attended the event. Still very hidden from the public eye, the issue of human trafficking is something that is effecting young girls, even those who are still in Elementary School – young girls here in our neighborhoods. Being innocently abducted or seduced when promised something alluring, many girls get sucked into the system and held hostage as victims too afraid to escape. Not only that, but many of these girls end up being exploited on the internet in pornography, clicked on by men and women on a daily basis. Sadly, these victims of abuse today are our friends, sisters, aunts, cousins, and mothers.

Beginning with worship by Crossroads Worship Team, joined by Leslie Fullmer, the event then segwayed to video footage from women who have been trafficked that give insight into their lives, their stories, and the issue of modern slavery. Ashley Mclane then followed with a segment of spoken word, which creatively expressed the plight of being a victim and how they become entangled in the process.

Dunamix, a Christian dance team performed a modern dance piece to Gungor’s “Beautiful Things” that was both visually stunning and expressive of the freedom God gives. Modern dancer, Cami Cargenlutti also used dance as a vehicle to express the issue of human trafficking with the Family Forest song, “Walk on Water,” a celebratory story of God’s call to us to step out and trust Him.

D’lita Miller also gave her powerful testimony of being rescued from trafficking. Sharing her painful experience, but also her joy of finding wholeness through Jesus Christ, Miller excitedly spoke about her transformative life going to college, becoming a counselor, and helping other victims in sex trafficking. Other speakers included Calvary Chapel Bangor Maine pastor, Ken Graves, who spoke with passion and authority on the subject calling us to be like the good Samaritan and help those in need.

Musician Donald Lopez and his jazz quartet jammed to their own rendition of “10,00 Reasons,” while Hip-Hip artists We Are Watchmen performed, “Not For Sale,” an anthem that fights for victims of trafficking stated in the lyric, “We’re going to slay the giant and break the silence.” Seeing these individuals stand in the gap for women who are victims was encouraging to see.

Finally, Run 2 Rescue Team, co-founders Bartley and Shannon Forsythe, along with Associate Director Doris Mcbride shared their heart for the ministry and their desire to live out Isaiah 61 and break the cycle of abuse. Mcbride shared about how we can pray, give to the ministry so women can get help at anchor homes to take them out of trafficking, start a ministry at your church, or simply choose to not be silent on the subject. In closing, a slideshow to the song, “Beautiful” by MercyMe was played to the smiling faces of survivors at Run 2 Rescue highlighting their healing journey.

In addition to the main event, the pre-show event included a time to browse various merchandise and ministry vendors as well as enjoy music by a DJ, live music by various artists, and a break dancing segment. Guests could also enjoy art by Wess77, a L.A. based graffiti artist, and take pictures on his backdrop that promoted the end of slavery. Additionally, attendees could also grab a quick bite at various food trucks that included ice cream and world cuisine.

Overall, the night was a powerful eye-opening event to a prevailing issue that God desires to shed light on. It ignited the night with hope and pierced the darkness of the evil that is coming against young women today. It also shined light into the hearts of those who were victims of abuse and provided healing and comfort in the hope of Jesus Christ. Likewise, it also ignited hearts to act on the behalf of these women and to pray for change to occur – one precious life at a time.

Video courtesy of Tony Gillilan