How-To: Daytime and Nighttime Makeup

(Photos by Lindsay O’Neil)

How-To: Daytime and Nighttime Makeup

By Melinda Serrano

Makeup: Melinda Serrano

Photography: Lindsay O’Neil

Model: Chanel Hounsley

Marked Ministry dedicates our photo shoot to our friend, Chanel Hounsley, survivor of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

May this shoot inspire women going through cancer to shine their beauty!


The first look of the day for Chanel was very natural, light foundation, neutral eyes – everything very minimal. Moisturizer and primer was first applied to Chanel’s skin to prepare for the makeup application. For foundation, I wanted to use something sheer with build-able coverage to ensure it wouldn’t look like she was wearing too much face makeup; I still wanted her natural beauty to be seen. Next I moved to the eyes. Again neutral tones were used, so I started with a warm brown to a add definition and create shadow, then a pop of silver to compliment her outfit. Lastly, I added brown eyeliner and small pair of falsies to complete the look. Lips and cheeks were light as well, a soft pink blush on cheeks – and to finish the look off, a classic nude lip with a bit of gloss.



The second look was much more dramatic, my personal favorite! Without removing any of the makeup from the previous first look, I added on darker shadows to Chanel’s eyes to create a smoky effect, which I then winged out for extra drama. A bit more blush was needed at this point, so I added more blush to the cheeks, touched up the lips, and a another pair of falsies to make her eyes really pop!


It was so much fun getting to work with Chanel; it was truly a pleasure. I was pleased with the looks and I hope she was too!


(Chanel and Melinda)