Good Finds at Farmer’s

Good Finds at Farmer’s
Why Opting for Organic is a Great Option This Holiday Season

By Sarah Komisky

One of my all time favorite places to go is Farmer’s Market. For me, nothing compares to fresh foods and organic finds, but even better is when you find a good deal. Went I went on location to one of the largest farmers markets in SoCal, I found some great deals and original products for the holiday season that are better for you and the environment.

Partnering with the community and Orange County Farm Bureau, Mariner’s Church hosts the Irvine Farmer’s Market on the parking lot grounds every sat of the month promoting the message of God honoring, healthy living. As a farmer’s market connoisseur, I was completely blown away by the size of the event. Having the quintessential organic produce, fresh flowers, and live music, Irvine Farmer’s Market also adds to mix various vendors, food stands, choice of succulents, fresh cheeses, raw honey, and organic almond milk to name a few.

So weather you’re a mommy, granola girl, food enthusiast, embarking on a new adventure of healthy living, or entertaining this holiday season, I invite you on the journey. Across the states, around the world, check out these great finds that you can order online or get an idea of what to look for at your local farmer’s market. All in all, they are great holiday gift options and also great ingredients to use for your holiday meals.

One of my favorite stops is the unique Baltic & Pine Artisan Soap. Lunched by Gregory Juneman to help with his own issues with dry skin, his unique handmade soaps offer a solution to the yearly winter problem. Trying the product myself, the soap line is gentle on skin, rich in shea butter and almond oil, and creates a nice lather that is just like body gel. Also, the scented soaps give a subtle scent that is fit for any type (fresh, floral, spicy, etc). My recommendations for fall include Baltic & Pine’s Blackberry & Plum, and Pumpkin Pie. To find out more, check out

Another vendor that was at the top of my list is Essentially Home Essential Oils. Offering roll on plant based oils that help holistically with various aliments like pain (clove), allergies (peppermint, lavender, and lemon), or stress (lavender). Trying the allergy roll-on for myself, the natural oils permeated my skin at my wrists and provided relief from allergy related symptoms. Great to put in a diffuser or to carry on the go and the oil is a good, natural alternative. To order oils go to

When it comes to going vegan or gluten free, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice yumminess. This is why Claytons Bakery’s gourmet donuts is one of my picks. Creating a variety of donuts, this is a place for the whole family because it’s healthy and tasty! For more info visit When talking about healthy treats it’s also important to include Front Porch Pops gourmet ice pops and ice cream as a noteworthy stop. These handmade creations come in many delicious flavors like Vietnamese Coffee, Mango Pineapple, Vanilla Chai, and Cookies N’ Cream as a healthy dessert option. Find out where you can get these icy treats at

Besides sweet treats, another treat to look out for is Springhill Jersey Cheese Family Brands organic cheeses. Paired with crackers or used in a yummy recipe, organic cheese is a healthy snack that deserves an honorable mention. Springhill Cheeses has a great selection including the Smoked Monterey Jack that I was able to sample. Aside from their creamy, rich cheeses, are their homemade butter that is unique to the farmer’s market. Shop at

Since farmers and fresh, organic products vary from place to place, here are some healthy choices and organic alternatives that are worth putting in your basket (or shall I say recyclable bag) at your local farmers market.

What to look for:


· Certified by farmers
· Pesticide free


· Cage free
· No antibiotics
· No chemicals
· Cleaned by hand


· Come from grass-fed cows

Holiday Shopping List:

· White Nectarines
· Apples
· Yams
· Sweet Potatoes
· Leeks
· Mushrooms
· Squash
· Carrots
· Plums
· Fresh Apple Juice
· Donut Peaches
· Figs
· Cage Free Ranch Eggs
· Lettuce
· String Beans
· Cauliflower
· Raw Honey
· Organic Oil (Grape Seed or Olive)
· Beef from grass fed cows
· Homemade Pastries
· Organic Juices
· Herbs
· Fresh Assorted Nuts
· Almond Milk
· Fresh Flowers
· Home Made Bread
Find out more about Mariner’s Farmers Market at