How-To: Thanksgiving Savings Tips

How-To: Thanksgiving Savings Tips

By Selma Komisky

Here are some great ways to save this holiday season whether you are a college student, hosting a dinner, or on a specific budget, try these tips out this season.

  • Chop fruits and veggies from scratch instead of buying a pre-cut mix
  • Opt for pumpkin or apple pie instead of other flavors
  • Buy a fresh turkey instead of a frozen one
  • Purchase a large turkey (18 lbs or more) because its cheaper and contains more meat
  • Try buying milks in gallon instead of quarts
  • Purchase day old bread and get more for your money by using it for stuffing
  • Buy your own ingredients and toss your own salad verses buying pre-cut salad in a bag
  • Keep an eye out for buy one get one free sales
  • Look out for ads to save and plan your menu around that
  • Watch our for popular food items like cranberry sauce, bread, eggs, and stuffing because they often are on sale
  • Choose fresh in-season produce over frozen or canned foods