Review: Women’s Night Out – Fall 2015

(Featured Photo Courtesy of Mariners Church. Photos of Blanca and Raymond Gregory by Sarah Komisky and Photo of Delilah Courtesy of Point Hope)

Review: Women’s Night Out – Fall 2015

By Sarah Komisky

Hosted by The Fish 95.9 and held at Mariner’s Church, Women’s Night Out – Fall 2015 on October 16th was all about giving back. The much anticipated event that comes frequently to Orange County blended new and familiar faces in music and radio to bless women with a much needed time of TLC and in return inspire them to bless others. Holding a Fish Cares Food Drive to help Mariner’s Church families who are in need, attendee’s were able to get in on the fun of giving back. Uniting as a whole to give back, this event was truly one that was inspiring.

Kicking off the night was music by newly solo artist, Blanca (formerly of Group 1 Crew). Performing an acoustic set with her three piece band (including her hubby on drums), Blanca sang songs from her self titled album including “Different Drum,” and “If You Say Go.” Getting ladies up on their feet, this fun and spunky gal also divulged her heart for women to know their true identity in Christ stating, “Who I Am.” The popular, “Knows Me,” reflected this as an anthem of praise to God, the One who knows completely and loves unconditionally. Whereas, songs like “Greater is He” and “Echo” express hope through life’s hard lessons.

Following was Harvest Christian Fellowship worship leader, Raymond Gregory, who led the women in time of worship that was truly special. Encouraging ladies to freely worship God, Gregory ushered many with his heartfelt, spirit led worship. Resounding in the church was the roar of ladies adoring Jesus as the focus was consistently pointed to Him. Singing songs like “This is Amazing Grace” and “Christ Alone Cornerstone,” Gregory’s intentional focus on God invites others to worship God as well.

As time of worship came to a close, the keynote speaker (Delilah) took the stage to share her story with the women. Speaking previously at the event put on by KFISH, Delilah shared another side of herself many do not know – her passion for helping children in need. The founder of Point Hope, a non-profit organization for forgotten children everywhere, is now in its 11th year where she now focuses on refugee children in Ghana and special needs children in the foster care system nationwide. Partnering with Feed the Children – an international non-prophet relief organization distributing food, medicine, clothing, and other necessities to those in need, Delilah took time to share her deep passion for helping others.

Sharing candidly about the realities of poverty in Africa such as not having running water, Delilah discussed the pervasive mindset here in the U.S. stating, “What we think is an inconvenience is not. We are spoiled but when we re-frame our perspective, things change.” In a very relational way Delilah expressed her heart using her own life experience as an example. Discussing a time when she faced fear in her heart, Delilah encouraged women to not be afraid because God will always provide our needs because He never lies. Sharing the promise, “Do not worry about anything,” (Phillippians 4:6, NLT), Delilah also shared times in her life when she and her family had one car and a small place to live as a single Mom with kids sharing, “We did just fine.” Exhorting women to truly trust Jesus, she reminded ladies that God always takes care of us and meets our needs.

Practically speaking, Delilah then spurred women to take action in helping those in need. As a single mom of 13 (10 whom she adopted), she also reminded ladies of the calling God gives us to help the orphans and windows in their affliction. Sharing stories about her experience helping children abroad and about her adopted family of various ethic backgrounds and also have special need, Delilah wants ladies to know they don’t have to be afraid to step out of their comfort zone. Despite the challenges and despite what others may think, Delilah challenges ladies to get involved investing in the life of a child whether it be a foster parent or a mentor saying, “A child needs your love.”

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