The Wall of Weariness

(Photo by Sarah Komisky)

The Wall of Weariness

By Michelle Ochen

The warmth of the day could still be felt within my being as a young man leaned up against me. He let out a sigh and sat with a look of overwhelming ambition accompanied by a surpassing peace, as one who knows what is fatiguing him is the fatigue he ought to embrace. For weeks now, I had seen this man working tirelessly, leading people to accomplish a great work. This man had been such an influential part of the astonishing, half-completed wall of Jerusalem; yet if you would have seen his face that evening, his demeanor, the discouragement etched within his footprints, you would have wondered who this weary sojourner was, certainly not the one responsible in the rebuilding of the wall? But all in all, I held up the shoulders of this man, Nehemiah.

The enemies lies had been relentless that day, saying if a fox should tread on the wall, it would knock it down, trying to discourage him and the men in completing the wall. From my permanent position, as a piece of the former wall that had remained, it seemed that I could see more clearly than anyone else. I wondered how this man could be so down when there was so much God had used him to build up all around. If he would just look at the very piece of work he was leaning upon, he would know that God was using him to build a great memorial. He looked out at the sun setting, and let out another sigh. I then listened as the sighs turned into a prayer; He poured out his heart, his concerns, and his weaknesses to his God.

That day I realized that Isaiah’s words were so true, that even the young men would become weary…even those being used by God to do great things can become tired in the work, can face discouragements and clouds in the midst of breaking light…but those who wait upon the Lord are the ones who renew their strength, who mount up on wings like eagles, to run and not be weary, and to walk and not faint. As this man prayed, strength filled his weary shoulders, and to his feet he stood. Shortly thereafter, the wall was completed, the people rejoiced, and God, our God, was glorified.

Dear reader, do you find yourself seeking a wall to lean against this day? Has the work you have been doing seem to bring discouragement or confusion? Is what you knew to do, now not so clear? Is the half-way point causing fatigue beyond the physical? Pour out thy complaints unto your gracious Lord, and receive His promise of strength as you wait upon Him. If He leads you to it, you know for certain He will enable you to finish it. The strength to do so is found in Him, along with the tools and weapons for your task, each sufficient for your daily need.