A Note From the Editor

(Photo courtesy of Michelle Schonken)

A Note From the Editor: April 2016

By Michelle Schonken

Along with April showers comes an exciting time for Junior and Senior students. Preparations have begun for a variety of spring dances! These include the ever-famous Prom Dance, Junior High Spring Dance, Spring Fling/Dance for some, and also the Junior and Senior Banquets you find in universities.

We bring you the April issue of Marked Ministry Magazine in the midst of this crazy time, when your mind might be overly preoccupied with the stresses of planning the social event of the semester. We pray that our articles will help you navigate the decisions you need to make, the disappointments that might come up, and the pitfalls that will try to trip you up.

It is not easy to do this alone, so we have included everything from an article about amazing organizations that make Prom dresses possible for those who can’t afford them, to an article about what you can do if Prom (or whatever the dance might be) is not an option for you at all. Jesus wants us to have a great time this spring, and there are so many ways we can do that.

So take a deep breath, make yourself comfy, and get ready to feel really girly! We will be digging out our high heels from out under our beds and sweeping you along to a great time of dresses, dancing, and fun.


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