Kyle Jane Heskett – Proofreader/Writer

(Photo courtesy of Kyle Heskett)

Growing up in the church and attending Christian schools my whole life led me to know a lot about Jesus, but I didn’t experience the true joy that comes from knowing Him until 2012, after I graduated college. I loved my childhood and high school, but faced deep depression and anxiety during my college years. I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for Christ getting me through that time in my life.  My experiences with traveling and attending Core Church LA and Epicentre West LA have stretched me beyond my comfort zone, and led me to see how exciting a relationship with Jesus is.  I hope to help women understand that God not only loves them, but also is wild about them. We don’t have to be bound by worries and insecurities because Christ is freedom.  I still struggle with anxiety, but I never feel hopeless like I used to. God is continuing to heal and strengthen me every day.

One of my favorite books in the Bible is Esther, and it perfectly demonstrates how God longs to use us for something great. Esther faced the fear of death and approached the King on behalf of her people. This is a woman I want to be like. No matter how small or how big our tasks may be they will lead to something amazing, because God never wastes our struggles or our time.

A note about me: I’m a huge fan of The Beatles, sports, movies, animals, and I love my incredibly sweet husband, who makes me laugh every day!