(Photo by Lindsay O’Neil)


By Selma Komisky

“ . . . One thing I know: that though I was blind, now I see.” 

– John 9:25 (NKJV)

You’ve heard Shakespeare’s cliché, “love is blind.” Well in my case it was blind all right, but who said anything about love? It’s funny how a person suddenly appearing from your past can trigger an old memory.

Lisa, my sister’s friend, was in town visiting. I hadn’t seen her since I was in high school, and I’m now married with a family. Lisa looked the same, and she knew Jeff first.

As I stood there contemplating whether I should ask how Jeff was doing, my curiosity got the best of me- so I asked! Lisa smiled, “I just saw him recently; he’s married and a fireman.” While my sister and Lisa continued chatting, my mind immediately drifted to that summer day during my sophomore year of high school.

My sister proposed, “How about going on a blind date?” By the way, a blind date is a date between two people who have never met. I wasn’t sure, since I’d never done that before, and my sister was throwing tidbits at me to try and convince to go (e.g., he’s got a new car, is on the football team, a senior…). Perhaps this could be fun!

Before I knew it, he was calling me on the phone. I’m talking to this guy Jeff, and I’m starting to get second thoughts. “What am I crazy,” I thought. “This guy is a perfect stranger but I’m giving him directions to my house?” Tongue tied I said, “See you at two and I’ll bake a whip cream cake for us.” Oops, what? Why would I say that? Bake? It’s the middle of summer!

I began my search for cake mix in the kitchen pantry. Rushing, mixing it up and popping it into the oven, the aroma filled the house and made it smell like a bakery. It’s over ninety degrees outside, and as time ran down I began to perspire. I asked my sister for help to frost my cake when suddenly the whip cream started to turn to milk. (Note to self: never frost a hot cake with cold whip cream.)

Determined to finish my cake before Jeff arrives, my sister came up with a brilliant idea to help with my dilemma. She pulled out her blow dryer and started to blow cool air on the steamy cake. In the distance, I could hear a car’s motor revving. I looked out my window thinking, “This is a disaster! I look like a mess and Jeff is parking in front of my house!” My sister shouted to me, “Stall for plan B!” While I ran to answer the doorbell, I was thinking, “what’s plan B?”

I opened the door and the day got worse. This guy was not my type! One word came to mind: Acne! Nervously, I invited Jeff in and introduced myself, trying to make some conversation

As I was frantically thinking how to fix the cake dilemma, Jeff interrupted my train of thought and said, “Cake sure smells good!” I smiled and prayed that my sister would come up with something! No sooner had I said that prayer than I saw my sister wave, grab her keys, and head out the door. “Okay great, now what,” I thought.

A half hour went by as I talked with Jeff. He shared with me a bit about himself, and that he came from a line of firemen. His dad was chief and his brother was a paramedic. Distracted, I kept watching for my sister’s return, trying hard not to be rude. I listened to Jeff as his sandy brown hair fell across his brow. As we spoke, I caught a brief glimpse past his physical exterior, and saw that he was actually very sweet. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my sister sneak back in.

I politely excused myself, and whisper to my sister, “where have you been?” She smiled and pointed to a pink box from Heidi’s Bakery. To my surprise, she had bought a cake. I looked at her with a sigh of relief and gratitude. We both burst into laughter. This was like a scene right out of an “I love Lucy” episode! My partner in crime saved the day! We messed the cake up so it looked homemade, and then served Jeff his long awaited piece of cake. We spent the rest of that afternoon talking. I never went out with Jeff again, even though he gave me a call the next day to thank me for baking him the cake and told me that his mom wanted the recipe because it was so good.

Today, as I reflect, I am convicted. It was Jeff who got the blind date. I realized it was me who was blindfolded and couldn’t see beyond his exterior. I totally dismissed the idea that his inner qualities could outweigh his appearance. My shortsighted mentality made me miss out on a great friendship. Instead, I continued on a futile search for worldly, good-looking guys, who had nothing to offer except selfishness and heartache.

At that time, I didn’t have Jesus Christ in my life, and therefore couldn’t see clearly. Satan blinds us with blindfolds of lust, pride, lies, impurity, selfishness, and so much more. Proverbs 14:12 in the New International Version states that “there is a way that seems right to a man but in the end it leads to death.” Notice that the Bible says the way “seems” right. In reality, this way just leads to destruction and hurt.

Listen girls, Jeff had a good heart. Overall, he was kind and respected me, and treated me like a girl should be treated. He was smart and came from a good, loving family. He wasn’t ugly either – I was the one who was ugly on the inside! I’m ashamed at how shallow I was to think Jeff wasn’t good enough. I had an “I’m better than you attitude,” which stunk! Ironically, I was willing to lower myself to some loser just cause of his attractive good looks.

You know, as nice as Jeff was, he didn’t know Christ as his Savior. Sometimes we think its okay to date a nonbeliever because we think that they will change later. Don’t allow Satan to blindfold you in choosing the wrong kind of guy for yourself. Don’t get ripped off! Jesus will bring that special someone in his time. God wants to give you his best and the ability to see beyond the surface, to see the good and what matters inside. Years later as I waited on the Lord Jesus, he restored my sight! Jesus brought me a godly man that loves the Lord and loves me, and I was able to marry my best friend! Today, I can thank my Lord Jesus because one thing I know: that though I was blind, now I see.