Do the Twist and the Pony

Do the Twist and the Pony

By Selma Komisky

Hair: Michelle Arenivar
Styling: Melissa Jara
Photography: Selma Komisky, Melissa Jara, and Maylin Rowe
Modeling: Samantha Dammann, Sophia Dammann, Sarah Komisky, Maylin Rowe, and Melissa Jara

Nothing looks more trendy with your summer outfit than a cute, effortless, twisted braid or a tousled high pony tail. Here’s a look at 2016’s latest summer styles. Check it out!

High Ponytail: Sarah
This is a fresh, quick, easy, and fun hairstyle to wear somewhere special out on the town or to go to work or school. Rub a little hair product onto your hair and you can wear this ponytail either slicked back or bumped up (i.e. to bump it up, tease a little of your hair on top and pin it and start your ponytail). Also, you can use pomade to make your tail look pieced. For a more tousled look, slightly curl your pony with a wand creating soft waves. Finish by pulling some little pieces of hair to frame your face.





Dutch Braid Ponytail: Sophia
Combing two distinct looks, this hairstyle is intricate but surprisingly easy to pull off. If you are ready to do something different with the classic ponytail, then it’s time to try out this look. Perfect for tossing up your hair and looking great through the summer weather.




Fishtail Braid: Maylin
If you have long hair, this is a creative way to make your hair look fancy for an evening look or a casual daytime. This hairstyle is popular and doesn’t have to be perfect; it actually looks good messy (i.e. you get this effect by gently tugging along the edges of your braid). It looks intricate but it’s simple to do. It just takes practice.





Wraparound Dutch Side Braid: Sarah
This is a look that is fresh for the summer season. The hairstyle consists of a braid within a braid. Start at top and create a Dutch braid all the way around. As a new twist on an old favorite, it is great for keeping your tresses out of your face whether you are on the go, working out, or at play outdoors.




Dutch Braids: Melissa and Michelle
These are a reverse French braid. You’re simply braiding strands of hair under rather than over each other. Wet hairs works best or when you rub a little product into your hair. Brush hair straight back and part to create two braids. Pulling strands in firmly and tightly and taking your time is important to create them. Be sure to use bobby pins to hold braid in place for thick hair. Then you are ready to go with this grown-up version of Dutch braids that is trendy and fun but also a great hairstyle for working out this summer.





Mohawk Pull Through Braid: Samantha
This is a fun, cool, and edgier look for short or long hair. It is unique and great for a standout and stunning look. Using the pull through technique you can create a variety of options when you feel like trying something new this summer. So you can now rock the Mohawk at a special event or just for fun!





Pull Through Waterfall French Braid: Samantha and Sophia
This is a cute look for the summer that is whimsical and romantic. This look is all about crossing pieces of hair over and dropping some strands through. It creates a pattern like a waterfall. Beachy waves are also popular when you combine the Waterfall French braid look. This is perfect for a low-maintenance summer look.




Products needed:

  • Tiny elastic ties
  • Comb/brush
  • Hairspray
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair product
  • Wand or Rollers

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