Summer Jobs

(Photo by Maylin Rowe)

Summer Jobs

By Andrea Yim

The sun is out and the beach is calling your name. All you want to do is lie in the warm sun, drink a cold smoothie and disappear in your happy place, but you actually have to go to work. This is a long day inside doing something you probably don’t even like doing, but you know you must because there are bills to be paid.

It may not be something that you pictured yourself doing this summer, but it doesn’t have to be the worst experience. Working can be very fulfilling. Knowing that you are accomplishing something while allowing yourself an attitude of gratefulness. Being grateful that God has provided a way for you to pay your bills or even just have a little bit of extra cash on hand.

Our attitude and outlook on a situation can turn a dreadful thing into an amazing way to show the Lord our thankfulness to Him for His provision. Our outlook can also offer an amazing opportunity to be a light to anyone we come in contact with. Christian or not.

When Jesus was talking to his disciples in the Gospel of Matthew, he instructed them to go. Go out and be a light. I believe that being in this world and having to work, even only for two months, is an opportunity to be a light and teach ourselves discipline and gain a heart of gratefulness, which in turn blesses our Lord.