A Note From the Editor

(Photo courtesy of Maylin Rowe)

A Note From the Editor: July 2016

By Sarah Komisky

“Sing to him, sing praises to him; tell of all his wondrous works!”

– Psalm 105:2 (ESV)

I love the Psalms not only for their ability to bring comfort but also for their ability to cause me to respond in worship. Countless times the psalmists call us to “tell” and “proclaim” of God’s wonderful and marvelous works. And with this one-year celebration, that’s exactly what I want to do! Like the psalmists, I can’t help but praise the one who made Marked Ministry possible. I am so amazed and incredibly impressed by him that I cannot help but tell others about it. So that’s the plan and it’s happening in this issue (and probably every one to come!) And guess what? I’m getting the whole team involved too!

We are going to be praising God in our recap stories, our interviews, and our articles. We are going to praise God in our playtime whether we are poolside, putting together new summer outfits, trying out some gluten free treats, or snagging some good beauty buys. We are going to praise Him. We are going to praise him in music, in our health, in our friendships, and both our relationships and singleness! We are going to praise him for his help with our hang-ups, his ability to redeem our mistakes, his constant presence in the hard times, and his never-ending grace. We are going to praise him for choosing to use people like you and me and for including us in his amazing adventures. We are going to praise him for simply being a woman and how he created us with a unique design. Also, we are going to praise him for the purity that is one of his beautiful gift to us, and for the life marked by purity that he is calling us to. But overall, we are going to praise him for being good and being God!

So, you’re invited! This is our one-year celebration and I think it’s time for us to get loud and proclaim his praises! Don’t you? So, if you have been blessed somehow by Marked Ministry, shout it out! Dance around. Sing it out and pass it on as we celebrate all God has done this year with all of our friends.

I can guarantee you don’t want to miss it because there is going to be some fun reads, cool videos, and several surprises along the way. But even more than that, don’t miss a chance to give God the praise he is so worthy of. So join us as we pump up the volume and praise it up for great is our God, Jesus Christ.

He is greatly to be praised.

Happy One Year Marked Ministry! Thank you to my God, my family, my sisters and teammates past and present, awesome friends, mentors, church family, and all readers who supported us and read our articles. Thanks to all of you for catching the vision with me.