The Date

(Photo by Lindsay O’Neil)

By Melissa Valle

It’s 4:30 pm. on a Saturday. You have an hour and a half to get ready and drive over to where you are meeting your date. You’re nervous. Or Excited. Or Both. Ladies, we’ve all been there or if not yet, will be there soon. So, I hope to give you a few pointers.

Getting ready

You pull out your favorite dress. You curl your hair. You pull out your new flats.

There is no harm in looking your best, but ladies, it’s important to remember that our beauty points back to the one who created it. Ask yourself: Am I dressing up for the right reasons? Am I dressing up for this man, or am I getting dressed to make myself feel confident and glorify God?

Ladies, a boy will only see your beauty and ignore your personality.

A boy will look at you but not listen.

A boy will only think, “she’s pretty but . . .”

A godly man will love your personality first and your beauty second.

A godly man will see Jesus’ light shown through you like it states in Matthew 5:14-16 and will admire your beauty.

Be sure to pray on your way to your date to exemplify God’s integrity and his beauty.


While you are at the date, remember to listen. It can be easy for you to get caught up in talking about yourself and wanting to share about what makes you unique. However, it’s more important to hear your date out and listen to what he has to share. One of the most essential things to do on a date is to get to know the other individual better, and it would be hard to do so when all you can think about is what to say next.

On that same note, be sure to remember who you are in Christ. Remember to not lie about who you are, to be yourself and be proud because the right man will love you for who you are.


Another important thing to remember is that not everything will go as planned. Ladies, remember to stand your ground and turn to your values, your morals, and your Heavenly Father for guidance. Make sure that this is a relationship you want to continue. I am not saying you should be selective, but what I am saying not to settle for just anyone. If the date did not go so well and this is not someone you would want to be in a relationship with, that is okay. No matter what anyone else tells you, even if your best friends think you guys are perfect for each other, it all comes down to how you feel.

For those who aren’t there yet

I can’t stress enough on how I’ve been there.

Where it seems like no one will ever be interested in you.

After the end of a relationship and it seems like you will never find another guy interested in you like he was.

However, in my four years of being single, one thing that the Lord has taught me is to be patient- to focus on bettering yourself. My favorite Christian author, Jefferson Bethke, shares, “the truth is, for guys and girls out there, it’s not about finding The One, it’s about preparing yourself to be The One.”

To work on your relationship with God first before anything else.

To  “dance with God and He will let the perfect man cut in.”

And finally, to remember that the right man will come by at the right time because “He has made everything beautiful in its time.” (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

Love & blessings,